Week 3 Day 2 of workout

So I just did my week 3 day 2 workout today. I usually do my workouts in the morning before I have eaten but today I was lazy in the morning and ended up doing it after lunch. I waited about 2 hours before running but still it was NOT GOOD. I was getting cramps ugh. So I felt crappy after the run but then I did weight training after for another 40 mins or so.

Last post I mentioned the app I am using for the couch to 5k. Here is the link to the program:


I find that this app helps me stay motivated cause I an document my distance and pace and so when I look back and see that I am improving it really helps.

I am also a bit frustrated today as my weight hasn’t really been changing all that much. I feel good and I do feel like my body has changed but I am just not seeing it being reflected on the scale. My family has even said they see a difference. I am just trying to focus on how I feel than that number on the scale. I have about 40 lbs I would like to lose but ultimately if I lose 35 lbs and feel great I will be happy. I am trying to let this transformation be about myself and my body and not the number on the scale.

I have been feeling pretty motivated to workout the past weeks so I thought I would share how I am staying motivated.

1) Logging my workouts on the couch to 5k app.

2) Using social media to my advantage. I use instagram to post pics of healthy choices I am making and I have followed some other fitness people and people who post recipes for healthy meals and snacks.

3) The workout itself has helped me stay away from junk food because I don’t want to waste those hard earned calories I burned on crappy food.

4) Getting fun workout clothes that make me feel good.

5) Making a good music playlist to keep me going while working out.

6) I stuck inspirational messages in front of my treadmill to keep me motivated like “You can do this” or “Miracles don’t happen. Sweat and hard work happens”. Looking at these while running the last bit has helped a lot.

That is all I can think of for now… Will add more if I think of any 🙂


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