Week 3 Day 3 workout

So today I finished the week 3 workout. I felt a lot better on this run than the last one. Probably because I did my run in the morning before I ate anything and probably cause my body is adapting to the workout. I felt really good after the run cause according to my app today I ran at my best pace!! 😀 yay!!!

The next workout is going to be harder because it alternates 3 min jog with 1.5 min walk and 5 min jog and 1.5 min walk. I am probably going to have to run slower for the 5 min jog. I think the first workout will be hard but by the 3rd day I should be ok.

I am also upping my strength training. I printed a whole bunch of exercises you can do with dumbbells cause I got a new set of interchangeable dumbbells and a easy curl bar. I am excited to use them. Tomorrow I might just do weights since I generally take a day break between running sessions. I hope the easy curl helps with my bicep workout as I have been having some wrist issues and dumbbells have just been aggravating it. Hope tomorrow’s weight training session goes well!


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