First workout of redoing week 4. New pace, distance and weight


So I just finished my first workout in my repeat of week 4. I feel pretty good. I was worried that missing the last workout was going to negatively affect me but the run was good. The last 2 mins of the 5 min jog was a little tough I have to admit but I stuck it out and I must say it felt awesome to finish. I JUST beat my previous distance and pace by a tiny bit. My last longest distance was 2.47 km and today’s was 2.48 so just a little…. but hey it’s a new record 🙂

Also today for the first time in a while I saw the scale number change. I had been stuck around a specific number for a while and yesterday I was about 3lbs lighter. I thought maybe it was  fluke so I waited and weighed myself today and yes it is still about the same. YAY! It is a small difference but it is nice to see a difference when I was stuck for a while.

After my workout I made myself a nice protein shake with protein, vegegreens, banana, and mangos and it was soooo yummy. Great post workout shake.

I started using the my fitness pal app and I really like it. Its free and I can track all my food and I have been entering in my workouts and it calculates how many calories you burned as well. It is nice to see!

So now I am off to work feeling good!


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