The mental game of running & update on weight and distance


So Yesterday I did week 4’s 2nd workout. Right when i started jogging I could tell my legs were not as energetic today. I tried to focus on longer strides. At one point during my first 5 min jog my laces came untied and I had to stop to tie them and and I hate when that happens!! I was feeling pretty good at that point so to have to stop annoyed me. I tried to increase my speeds during the jogs so that I can increase my distance but it kind of backfired because I needed to walk slower to recover from the quicker runs. In the end I got the same distance as my previous workout. 2.48 miles. I feel like I am so close but so far from the 2.5 mile mark.

While I was running my last 5 min jog I realized how much of a mental game running is for me. My head id constantly telling me to stop and that it’s too long or too hard. I feel like it is more of a mental problem than my body’s real perception. The inspirational messages I put infront of the treadmill help a bit with that but sometimes my mind just takes over. That happened a bit on yesterday’s run because that last 2 mins were a constant battle. I hope I can learn to get rid of these negative thoughts. I just came across this article to help with the mental aspect. I will try some of these techniques and see how they go.

So finally some changes in my weight. I am now down a little over 5lbs since I started the couch25k.


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