Feeling amazing. Week 5 Workout 1


I won’t lie by saying I was feeling a little anxious about this workout because it was 5 min warm up then 5 min jog and 3 minute walk repeated 3 times. Last week was intervals of 5 min jog walk then 3 min jog and again and my last 5 min jog was pretty challenging. I decided I was going to slow down because I really wanted to focus on running each of the 5 minutes to the end. I did it!! I didnt have to stop once or slow down. I kept a speed of 5.5 which yes is slower than what I have been use to running at but those were for shorter times. I feel great! I am so happy I was able to do it.

I also tried some of the mental techniques to try and help me through the run and it was awesome. I focused on positive self talk while jogging. I kept telling myself I could do it and that my body has been working up to this and as long as I believe in myself my body would follow. I felt so much better. Usually my head is swimming with negative thoughts and reasons why I should stop. But not today! I know this week’s workout are going to be challenging but I am up for the challenge.

Another thing I changed was I found a new way of tying my shoe laces. I was annoyed that they would untie sometimes during my runs so I googled a good way of tying them and it was awesome. I felt a lot of support for my ankles and they never came undone. Here is the link on how to do it. http://www.healthontherun.net/running/how-to-tie-your-shoes-and-other-shoe-tricks/

After my run I did some weights as well. I worked on my biceps, triceps and back. When all that was done I made myself a nice post workout smoothie. Yum yum! I used vegegreens, vanilla protein, blueberries , mangoes and water. It was delicious!



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