I did it! Halfway through the couch25k. Week 5 workout 2


So I just finished the couch25k week 5 workout #2. I am now at the halfway point in the program. I feel pretty good! So today was a 5 min warm up, 8 min jog, 5 min walk, 8 min jog and 5 min cool down. I was a little worried about the 8 min jogs as the longest I have been doing so far was 5 mins. So today I woke up got dressed and went downstairs to put my shoes on and I usually put my orthotics in my shoes and I switch them between shoes. So I took them out of my work shoes and while I was putting them into my running shoes I got a little distracted by the new way of tying my laces. After that I went and ran. While running I felt something was off but I continued. WHen I was done and I went upstairs I saw that I forgot to put the orthotic inserts in my right shoe *face palm*. So I was running with no insole or orthotics on one foot. sigh. I guess I was too eager to run. haha

Anyways so my run went really well. The first 8 min jog was so easy I was surprised. I didn’t focus on the time and just ran. At one point I was smiling while running because I was just so happy and impressed that I was feeling so amazing while running my longest interval yet. So the first 8 min jog I kept a speed of 5.5 which was the same speed that I did my 5 min jogs at the previous workout. My 2nd 8 min jog I maintained that 5.5 speed until the last minute and half where my breathing was getting a little too much so I reduced my speed to 5.3. I was able to finish the workout feeling good 🙂 It wasn’t my longest distance ever but it was my longest distance this week.

After I did weight for another 30 mins or so and finished up with a nice protein recovery shake. I put vegegreens, vanilla protein, mangos, a banana, and some plain greek yogurt. So good and good for you 😀


8 thoughts on “I did it! Halfway through the couch25k. Week 5 workout 2

  1. I’m doing my first c25k workout tonight… I’m pretty excited 🙂
    Congratulations on all the hard work you’ve put in, I can’t wait to hear that you’ve completed a 5k!!!

  2. Good for you! I think the program is great. I finished it over the summer, but am thinking I will need to re-start somewhere around week 6 or 7, b’c it’s now going on three weeks since I’ve been able to run. [sidelined by a cold, then bronchitis.bleh.] Congrats on a great run!

    • thanks! Yea I hate being sick. Working out helps with my mood and other health aspects so being sick and not being able to work out does totally suck. Here’s hoping you kick that cold to the curb!

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