Late night thoughts

So I have had a rough few days (workouts aside). I have had a lot on my mind and I feel like it is starting to effect my motivation a bit. I have to do my week 5 workout #3 before the week is up and the best day to do is tomorrow morning. But I am just feeling so unmotivated. My mind is so preoccupied I just want to sleep in… but I still just set my alarm up to wake up for the run. I have the big run tomorrow. First 20 min jog non stop. I hope I am able to do it. To run the 20 mins would be amazing and hopefully I can clear my head while running from all this stuff going on. I will have to figure out if I am going to run at a slow steady pace or alter my speed while running… I dunno I guess I will see how I am feeling. I just don’t want to burn out too quickly. Anyways I hope the run goes well tomorrow. I will report back. Wish me luck!


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