Happy Halloween!!!



Happy Halloween!!!!

So I am currently home giving out candy to trick or treaters. Unfortunately its rainy here. I remember hating when the weather was bad as a kid. I have had maybe 10 tick or treaters so far. I have sooooo much candy ahaha I think I went over board. I got 50 bags of chips. around 150 pieces of chocolate and 200 assorted marshmallows and other candies. Obviously I am handing out about 2-3 pieces a kid so hopefully I have enough and I finish most of the candy haha. Because I don’t want left over candy and I don’t want to run out of candy.

My dog went to the groomer today and she got that frilly purple collar that has spiders all over it! haha she looks so cute.

I hope everyone has a wonderful Halloween πŸ˜€


Best Distance Yet!!! Week 8 workout 2 repeated.


So today was another 28 min jog. I woke up with a back ache and after spending someΒ  time with my foam roller I decided I was going to run anyway.I decided to up my speed a little bit and see how long I could keep it up for (my goal was 5 mins then reduce to my normal speed and then maybe another 5 mins if i could). I ran for 10 mins at the higher speed without realizing how much time had gone by and then started to feel a bit tired so I reduced my speed to my normal pace. When I had about 12 mins left of my jog I started to feel like I needed a break really bad. I don’t know if it was my mind or my body but I tried to push through it but I just needed to slow down and take in some water. So I power walked for 1 min and drank water. I ended up cutting out a min of my cool down so that I still finished jogging 28 mins but there was 1 min walk in between there. I don’t know why I can’t seem to run the full 28 mins non stop. I have to find a way to push through it.

However…. on the bright side I have had the longest distance yet πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ 2.97 miles which is like 4.78 km. I am getting closer and closer to that 5k mark.

Oh and the pic above is because well I had the sweatiest run ever haha.

Trying something new. Baked apples.

Trying something new. Baked apples.

So my bf’s mom gave me a bag of apples from their apple picking trip. So I decided to peel and dice them up and bake them. I covered the apples in cinnamon and drizzled some honey on top. I wrapped it on aluminum foil and baked it for 20 mins at 350. I then got out my plain greek yogurt and mixed in half a scoop of my vanilla protein. Once the apples were done I let them cool and threw them on top. OMG so good. It tastes like apple pie πŸ˜€ and healthy too!

Update on my shins and my best friend aka the foam roller


So a few weeks ago I posted about my shin splints and I must say they have been doing much better. I have been using my foam roller and doing exercises to strengthen my tibialis anterior muscles. I also got my bf to watch the way I run to see if I do the heal strike and I actually don’t do it so yay.

The pic above is some basic exercises I have been doing with the foam roller. I also do my shins and glutes. I must say that the IT band one and shins are the most painful! The calf one use to be pretty bad when I crossed one leg on top of the other one to put more pressure but after keeping at it for weeks I can tell there is a huge difference. It doesn’t hurt like it use to anymore and my calves aren’t so tight. I think the foam roller has definitely helped me with the running. I don’t feel much muscle pain and shin pains when I am running anymore.

Basically I LOVE my foam roller :D.

“Feelin’ good” 28 mins pretty much done. Week 8 Redo. Workout 1.


So today was the start of repeating week 8. Last week was a bit of a hectic and emotional one and I am starting this week on a good note. My run went pretty well.

I had the 28 min jog to conquer. I started running and I felt pretty good. The music was keeping me occupied and I didnt feel tired, I didn’t get any cramps and things just kind of went from there. The bump in the road came at around 7 mins to go unfortunately. My ipod battery died and I had to power walk for a half min to get my other music sorted. I ended up turning on the music on my phone but it isn’t really workout music as it is pretty soft. But I made do! I ended up running 30 seconds extra to make up for the time I lost while fixing the music. My total distance was 2.89 miles. After I did some exercises for my calves and tib ant muscle and then a nice long stretching session.

When I finished all I could think is “I am feeling good” and then I had that song stuck in my head. This is my all time fave version of this song as I love Muse!

Now I am going to sit back and finish me mango, raspberry, protein, and veggie smoothie and listen to “Feeling Good”.

My hardest run yet. Week 8 day 2


So today was workout #2 of week 8. Another 28 min jog with the usual warm and up cool down.

Just before I went for my workout I got an email saying that the family member I mentioned previously passed away last night. Terrible news and I was at a loss for words. I decided to try and run anyway to help get my mind off things. I did my warm up then 10 mins into my jog I felt like I was going to break down and cry and so my breathing was starting to get all messed up so I power walked for 3 mins. After that I did some jogging and some power walking as I much as I could. The last 5 min I powered through and jogged. My distance was still decent but I must say it was such a tough run for me. My mind couldn’t stay positive because of the bad news. I kept thinking about her and her family and it was just too much.

I think I will redo week 8. Hopefully I can do the full 28 mins next workout.

These past couple years have been a tough one for me… things that have happened have sometime made me question life and the meaning of it. One day I will open up and spill my heart about my life and what I have been through.