First 25 mins jog is complete! Week 6 workout 3.


So today I did the first 25 min jog with 5 min warm up and cool down. I was supposed to do this run on Friday morning but life happened. I had a late night Thursday (at a concert) and I didn’t sleep well and was just tired and was not feeling ready for the run. Saturday I worked all day and so that left today, Sunday. I had a late night last night as well but I just had to get up and run. This was going to be the longest duration (the last long one was 20 mins). I did this run at the same speed as the 20 min jog which was 12 min/mile. I focused on finishing rather than speed. There are a few more 25 min runs so I will focus on slowly getting faster over the next workouts.

I did the 25 mins pretty easily. I covered the time on my treadmill because I knew if I didn’t I would keep looking at it. That was the best decision. I just ran and didn’t think about the time too much. I looked at the time here and there but not nearly as much as I would have previously. I felt really good running. No cramps and I didn’t have much negative thoughts running which is a pretty big deal for me. I had the best distance I have had yet but this workout was a a couple mins longer than the last. I did 2.61 miles in total. I also did weights after and worked out my arms.

Before I did my run I took a new pic of myself to compare to a pic I took a few weeks ago. It is in my bra and undies so I won’t share that haha but it made me feel good to see it cause I could definitely see a difference. The biggest difference being in my mid section.

Last night I went out for a friend’s welcome home get together and I was full with about 1/3 left of my food and I got it to go. Before I would have probably just eaten it but I told myself that I was full and satisfied. I am trying to make decisions like that. I am not depriving my body of anything but I am having things in moderation.


4 thoughts on “First 25 mins jog is complete! Week 6 workout 3.

  1. Nicely done! I find taking it slow and easy is the only way when trying to run for longer or further. Once you know you can do the time/distance, you can push a bit further next time. 🙂

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