What do you guys do for shin pain??

So last year I had to do track and field for a semester for school and I had the worst shin splints ever. I found the track to be very hard and every step I took I felt the impact traveling up my leg. It was so unbearable at times. This time I am trying to be proactive and prevent this. Since starting the c25k program I have been running on a treadmill which doesn’t have as much of a negative effect as the surface is not as hard and there is a bounce back which I find helps… but I know at some point I want to start running outside and it will most likely be on sidewalks and etc as I don’t have a big park close by that I could run on grass.

I know my shin splints are caused partly by the fact that I pronate which I have gotten running shoes for people who pronate and I have orthotics to help correct that. I also think that since my calf is tight that it puts more strain on my tibialis anterior muscle. So I am going to try a few different things to try and reduce this pain (which lately I feel is starting to come back)

1) Do exercises to strengthen the tibialis anterior muscle such as: drawing the alphabet with my feet, walking on my toes, walking on my heels

2) Ice the area 3) Correct my running form as I am pretty sure I do the heel strike and that puts more strain on my tib ant muscle

4) get a foam roller to help roll out the muscle knots and work on my tight calf muscles


Anyone get any more suggestions??



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