A so so workout acompanied by my cat. Week 7 Workout 1


So as I was setting up my treadmill my cat decided she needed to be pet at that exact moment. So… the pic you see above is what was going on. She is so funny haha. Later after I turned on the treadmill to o my warm up she decided to stare at me. Image

She was just so curious at what was happening. This is the first time she has watched me run.

Anyways my workout today was the same as the last one. Warm up, 25 min jog, cool down. Last time I did the 25 mins with no major problems. Today I struggled a little more. I increased my speed by just a little bit and I think that mixed with the fact that I was not feeling very well the day before lead to a not so great workout. I had to slow down and power walk 2x. Once my hair was driving me nuts and I had to fix it and the 2nd time I was getting cramps. So I jogged for about 22 mins instead of 25 because of those 2 walking intervals. I am a little annoyed but oh well I have more 25 min jogs to tackle and get it right.

I worked out my legs after the jog. Did some weights, squats, etc. I also made sure to do my exercises for my shins. We will see if these end up helping. I will probably get a foam roller this weekend.


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