I feel good! Week 7 Workout 2.


So I just did my 2nd workout for week 7. So another 25 min jog. I kept a 12min/mile pace because last time when I tried to speed up it backfired. So I was able to do the full 25 mins without stopping. I even hiked up my speed to a 11min/mile for the last minute as I just felt like I could do it and the music was pushing me to. I have been noticing that my negative thoughts are less and less. My mind is clear for the most part which is odd for me because I always have 101 thoughts running through my head. I mean yes there are time during the run tht thoughts come back and enter into my mind but its much less. When the thoughts come in that say “you are tired” or “it would feel so good to just stop and walk right now” I can tell those thoughts to get the f*ck out of my head and replace them with positive ones. Soooo I feel good!

Above is a pic of what I do after my runs. I sit on my treadmill and stretch my legs. It feels amazing to stretch them. I continued my workout with some weights and squats after. And as I type this I am battling with my cat’s head because she is trying to block my keyboard (as you can see in the pic below). So I will cut this short and go on and give her some much deserved love. Image


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