An attempt to run outside… and Happy Thanksgiving to the Canadians :)


So it is Thanksgiving here in Canada and I celebrated it at my bf’s place this weekend. Originally I was just going to run on his treadmill this morning but he suggested we go to the soccer field by his house and we could jog there. He does a lot of weights but hasn’t really been doing much cardio so I felt ok because I knew he wouldn’t be so great at it like me haha. So we woke up around 8 am got dressed and headed to the soccer field. Unfortunately it was drizzling a bit and the soccer field was locked. So we found a courtyard near the school in the area and decided to jog around there. I must say jogging outside is so much harder than on the treadmill. My endurance was better than his (not by much) so I felt a bit better because at least I was thinking that my weeks of running on the treadmill were doing something.

After a while it started to rain much harder and my ears were killing me. When it is a bit chilly my head and ears hurt a lot and it was becoming unbearable. So we decided to head back inside. I continued my workout on the treadmill where I did about 30 mins but intervals of running 5 mins and walking 2. I was already feeling tired from the outside run. I think all in all I did about 3 miles maybe. After the treadmill I did some weighted dead lifts which exhausted my legs even more.

After that it was time for turkey and stuffing 🙂 and various other fixings. For dessert was homemade apple pie and peach cake. Lets just say that I feel like I am going to be full for days. Haha.


5 thoughts on “An attempt to run outside… and Happy Thanksgiving to the Canadians :)

  1. I know what you mean about cold ears, I have a head band and cover up my ears when it gets too cold or windy. Running outside is all about having the right amount of layers. Don’t give up on it, it’s so good! Good on you for having your first outside run in the rain 🙂 And Happy Thanksgiving.

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