Late night workout & morning emotional run.

So last night I decided to do some weights instead of doing them today after my run. So I dedicated an hour to upper body strength training. I watched New Girl and Mindy Project while I worked out. It was great and I didn’t even feel like I was working out for that long. I have some wrist issues so these gloves help.. plus I wanted to take a pic cause I LOVE my new nail polish haha


Today I did my week 7 workout 3. My weeks are a bit messed up from my random outside workout but oh well. It was another 25 min jog. Right before I was about to start my jog I had a bit of an emotional phone call and I wasn’t sure if I would still run but I pushed myself to do it. It went well other than the fact that my nose was a little plugged (from the emotional convo) and breathing was a bit annoying. I put my speed a tiny bit up and I did the 25 mins non stop. I ended up with a distance of 2.67 miles.. getting closer and closer to that 3.1. The last 5 mins were a bit tough as my legs were getting tired and my head was getting in the way. It wasn’t so much negative thoughts as it use to be but I don’t know how to explain it… It was like my head still was telling me to stop or slow down.

Anyhow I pushed through and finished. Next workouts are increasing to 28 mins. I am wondering if I should redo week 7 or not… I can do the 25 mins but I am wondering if I should redo them and try to speed up a bit or just move on and focus on my speed once I finish the c25k program. Any thoughts?


12 thoughts on “Late night workout & morning emotional run.

  1. I’m always an advocate of repeating workouts if you feel you need to~ however, if you are able to do the full 25mins without stopping- at under a 10min mile pace, I think you are probably ready for the 28 mins. Plus, as you mentioned, the phone call might have thrown you off a bit…(just my .02) hope all is okay! Keep runnin’!!

  2. When I did C25K, I moved on as long as I could complete the workout and didn’t worry too much about my pace or distance. I still can’t do 5K in under 30 mins, but it is nice being able to run 5K without stopping. 🙂

  3. I’m with the others moving on right now is fine. Speed and distance will come the more you do it. I can run a 5k now, it’s not fast, but I can do it, and I feel good about that. I’ll work on speed later, right now, I need to improve my endurance.

    Sorry about the emotional call – sometimes a run helps when I have a lot on my mind, and sometimes it doesn’t, but I never regret giving it a shot, you know? But running with a plugged nose is certainly tricky. LOL.

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