Start of week 8 and amazing breakfast shake!


So today I started week 8 of couch to 5k…. that means I have only 2 weeks left to go!! That is if I don’t repeat any weeks.

So today was the first 28 min jog. It was going pretty well until I had about 4 mins left. At that point I started to get pretty bad cramps in my upper side abdomen. I had researched and found out that that pain is due to lack of oxygen so I decided to power walk for 1 min to get my breathing under control. So I power walked for 1 min and then finished the jog. So out of the 28 mins I jogged for 27. Not bad. I still have the other 2 workouts this week to get the 28 mins in full. I must say that by the end of this run I was pretty tired and sweaty. My total distance was 4.65 km (2.89 miles). Getting closer to the 5k but that time if with the warm up and cool down. The day I run the 5k non stop will be such a huge accomplishment. I can’t wait.

After the jog I did some weights but not too much as I was pretty tired. I think I am going to do weights on days I don’t do jogs so I have more energy and can give weights more time and attention. After that I made an amazing breakfast shake. Image

Breakfast of champions! Haha. It had frozen mangos, pomegranate arils, blackberries. greek yogurt, vanilla protein, vegereens +multi and water.

This shake was packed with everything. Fruits, antioxidants, vegetables, protein, and multivitamins. So so good. With a nice start to my morning I am ready for work and the rest of the day.


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