My hardest run yet. Week 8 day 2


So today was workout #2 of week 8. Another 28 min jog with the usual warm and up cool down.

Just before I went for my workout I got an email saying that the family member I mentioned previously passed away last night. Terrible news and I was at a loss for words. I decided to try and run anyway to help get my mind off things. I did my warm up then 10 mins into my jog I felt like I was going to break down and cry and so my breathing was starting to get all messed up so I power walked for 3 mins. After that I did some jogging and some power walking as I much as I could. The last 5 min I powered through and jogged. My distance was still decent but I must say it was such a tough run for me. My mind couldn’t stay positive because of the bad news. I kept thinking about her and her family and it was just too much.

I think I will redo week 8. Hopefully I can do the full 28 mins next workout.

These past couple years have been a tough one for me… things that have happened have sometime made me question life and the meaning of it. One day I will open up and spill my heart about my life and what I have been through.


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