“Feelin’ good” 28 mins pretty much done. Week 8 Redo. Workout 1.


So today was the start of repeating week 8. Last week was a bit of a hectic and emotional one and I am starting this week on a good note. My run went pretty well.

I had the 28 min jog to conquer. I started running and I felt pretty good. The music was keeping me occupied and I didnt feel tired, I didn’t get any cramps and things just kind of went from there. The bump in the road came at around 7 mins to go unfortunately. My ipod battery died and I had to power walk for a half min to get my other music sorted. I ended up turning on the music on my phone but it isn’t really workout music as it is pretty soft. But I made do! I ended up running 30 seconds extra to make up for the time I lost while fixing the music. My total distance was 2.89 miles. After I did some exercises for my calves and tib ant muscle and then a nice long stretching session.

When I finished all I could think is “I am feeling good” and then I had that song stuck in my head. This is my all time fave version of this song as I love Muse!

Now I am going to sit back and finish me mango, raspberry, protein, and veggie smoothie and listen to “Feeling Good”.


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