Update on my shins and my best friend aka the foam roller


So a few weeks ago I posted about my shin splints and I must say they have been doing much better. I have been using my foam roller and doing exercises to strengthen my tibialis anterior muscles. I also got my bf to watch the way I run to see if I do the heal strike and I actually don’t do it so yay.

The pic above is some basic exercises I have been doing with the foam roller. I also do my shins and glutes. I must say that the IT band one and shins are the most painful! The calf one use to be pretty bad when I crossed one leg on top of the other one to put more pressure but after keeping at it for weeks I can tell there is a huge difference. It doesn’t hurt like it use to anymore and my calves aren’t so tight. I think the foam roller has definitely helped me with the running. I don’t feel much muscle pain and shin pains when I am running anymore.

Basically I LOVE my foam roller :D.


10 thoughts on “Update on my shins and my best friend aka the foam roller

  1. I have never heard of a foam roller! It looks good though!
    I use the machines at the gym to try strengthen all my muscles.
    Glad your getting better! I have unfortunately experienced the shin splints…I remember not being able to sleep because of the pain, oh my days…
    Happy running! šŸ™‚

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