Running replaced with strength training and yoga


So today I was supposed to start week 9 of couch25k but I woke up with my knee still hurting so I decided not to run today. Instead I decided to work on exercises to help strengthen the knee joint. So I spent half an hour doing weighted squats, lunges, lateral lunges, and various other exercises. I decided to these exercises barefoot. I do like doing squats barefoot as I feel like I just have better balance and more muscles in my feet are working to keep me balanced.

After that I decided to some yoga. I have never really gotten in to yoga but my sis loves it and even has a special room in our place dedicated to yoga so I decided to go in there and look up a yoga video on youtube to follow. I came across this video:

I wish the video was an actual person doing the exercises along with you and not just pictures. I found a little hard to follow because it was just pictures and I am a much more visual person and following just audio cues aren’t enough for me. I also had a bit of a hard time doing some of the lunge poses as my quads felt like they were so exhausted already after my earlier workout so I dunno how much of a good idea that was. Oh well in total I did my 1 hour workout for today that can go towards my Fall into Fitness 30 Day Challenge points.

Oh and I think my cat loves yoga. As I was doing yoga she kept trying join in some how. While I did downward dog she would walk in between my legs and under me to rub herself all over me haha. Then she was stretching next to me. Silly cat.

Now it is time to foam roll.


6 thoughts on “Running replaced with strength training and yoga

    • Yea I just didnt want to make it worse and have to take more time off. I hate injuries!

      Haha I’m convinced there is something with cats and yoga. I have heard other friends saying the same thing about their cats.

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