Feeling Blue


So lately I have been unhappy at my job. I have only been working here for a couple months and I am not liking the way the place is managed. I have a set schedule and my hours have started being cut with such late notices (night before) when the schedule isn’t busy. I find that so unfair and I am starting to stress out. I have expressed my concern with my boss but there seems to be no real progress being made.

So I started looking for a new job. I need to find something that I can do for about a year before I go back to school. I want to be able to pay off as much of my student debt as possible. As that piece of paper has cost me A LOT of money…. I am going to be applying for school programs in Jan and I hope I get into the program I want.

I was supposed to workout this morning but what ended up happening was I got so distracted with applying and looking for new jobs I completely ran out of time. I was so consumed in searching the internet for job opporunities.

On the bright side I am a few days into the Fall into Fitness 30 Day Challenge and I have lost 3lbs so far. I am going to try and do a short workout tonight after I get home from work.


13 thoughts on “Feeling Blue

  1. Wow awesome job on the 3lbs! I know how your feeling with the job stress. It’s so easy to miss those workouts because you’re preoccupied with work stress, and filling out apps and what not. I’m currently applying to grad school and working full-time, and often times I just want to curl up and sleep. BUT I always feel better after I force myself to workout!

  2. Jobs are stressful, and even less enjoyable when you have a boss that doesn’t want to listen or help you work through your problem ! I am sorry that SUCKS. I am currently working so I can get that expensive piece of paper, it seems impossible! We are only 6 days into the challenge and you are down 3 pounds, thats so freaking awesome. Keep at it. Some days are gonna be hard, but together we all can do it.

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