I feel a bit MIA. An update on my week


So I feel like I have been away from word press for a while. This week has been a bit hectic for me. I generally work 5 days a week, volunteer 1 day and I have 1 day to myself. As mentioned before I have been unhappy at my job so I am continuing the search. After having a shift of mine cut this week I got one of my shifts extended because someone called in sick so I worked a 10 hour day. I am just starting to really dread going to work and I hate that.

On a good note… I picked up my degree!! Yay!! I now officially have that expensive piece of paper that says I have my Bachelors degree 🙂

On another good note I have maintained those 3 lbs I lost this week since starting the Fall into Fitness 30 Day Challenge. My running has been a bit crappy with the knee pain and lack of time. I have managed to keep up with the weight training. I went for a massage this week which helped a bit for the pain. So tomorrow is the restart of week 9 my final week on couch to 5 k. Here’s hoping it goes well!

Today I am having a nice relaxing day with my bf. We are going to watch the new Thor movie! Yay! I am quite excited. Hope everyone is having a good weekend!


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