Tough run. Week 9 Workout 1


So today was my start to week 9 on couch25k. The jog increased from 28 mins to 30 mins. As I mentioned previously I took last week off from  running due to the knee pain but I knew this week I had to get back to it. My knee pain seems to be gone YAY! But I am feeling a bit bummed out. I had a pretty tough run and it seemed like things weren’t going my way. I was trying to not tire myself out in the beginning of the run cause I really wanted to do the full 30 mins without stopping so I did my usual speed for 10 mins then slowed down a bit and then just alternated going faster and slower but I felt like when I was going slower it just made me want to walk so much more. Like as if jogging slowly was so close to a power walk that I just wanted to walk. I struggled a lot with this run and ended up power walking a bit. My mental mind was also holding me back as I started to doubt myself. Thoughts like “maybe this running thing isn’t for me” or “I am not a runner” started running through my head.

I usually also cover the time on the treadmill so I don’t constantly look at it but last week my phone wasn’t working and I sent it in for repair and I am using a loaner phone and this phone isn’t as long as my phone so it didn’t cover the timer fully. So I could still see the time and that didn;t help me. Not having my own phone also sucked because I don’t have my log from my couch 25k app. And I know once i get my phone back they are going to wipe off my memory so I have lost all the stats ugh. Another thing was that while I was running I started to feel like my shirt was making me itchy… I had to keep scratching at my sides and abdomen. I dunno if it was the sweating or what.

Anyways in the end I did 3 miles exactly. My previous longest distance was 2.97 miles. Yes it is more but I was expecting it to be a greater because this workout was 2 mins longer. *sigh* oh well I have to keep trying. After I did some exercises for my legs followed by stretching.

Oh and weight update I lost another 0.5 lbs 🙂 So that bring the total to 3.5 lbs lost since I started the Fall into Fitness 30 Day Challenge last week.


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