How to prepare for running in the cold? What to wear to run in colder temperatures??


So since I am almost done my couch 25k program I want to start transition into running outside. My problem is that it is starting to get quite chilly here. We had a bit of snow a few days ago.. nothing that stayed but it is cold. I generally don’t do well in the cold and my major concerns are my ears and my chest.

My ears ache a lot in the cold and I went looking for a decent headband to cover them but wasnt able to find anything. Anyone got any suggestions?

I also have a bit of breathing concerns and chest pains from the cold. From previous experience when doing outdoor activities in the cold I have a bit of a harder time breathing and my chest hurts.

Anyone got any tips for running outside in colder temps?

I am just wondering if trying to run outside now is a good idea. I have been pretty much running on the treadmill and I feel like maybe I should wait until warmer weather but that is not going to be until March/April knowing our seasons here. I want to run my first 5k in late spring/early summer. What do you guys think??


7 thoughts on “How to prepare for running in the cold? What to wear to run in colder temperatures??

  1. I agree with my chocolate friend- if your goal is to race in cold weather, then you unfortunately have to get used to it. I would take it in little bits and increase (to running outdoors) gradually. I would warm up on your treadmill to get most of your run in, and then save maybe 3-5 minutes for the outdoors (or start outdoors and move indoors). Then slowly increase the amount of time you’re outside.

  2. I agree. You should definitely start running outside, but maybe in the afternoon when it’s a bit warmer if you can. You can get a headband or a hat to keep your ears warm and just take it slowly if your breathing is difficult – like running on the treadmill, it’s just a matter of getting used to it. Good luck! 🙂

  3. There are headbands that you can buy that come up over your mouth so it warms the air before you breathe it in..I saw several people wearing them at my race last Saturday. I also recommend investing in some UnderArmour so you can stay super warm outside without all the bulk. Check the sporting goods stores.

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