Officially a couch to 5k graduate! Graduation ceremony = run outside.


I am a high school graduate, a university graduate and now….. a Couch to 5k graduate!!!

I decided this final run had to be outside. Originally I was just planning to run on the treadmill but I ended up waking up later than expected and then I was worried I was going to be short on time so I decided to postpone the run. I got ready for my interview and I think it went really well! They said I was a very strong candidate and they would be in touch next week. So I was feeling good.

I got home and put on my new zip up I got for running outside. Image

The pic makes it look kind of orange but it is actually neon pink. I figured a bright colour is good for visibility. I knew I had to take it slow because this would be my first real run outside and although I knew I wasn’t going to do the whole 5k I told myself I would do whatever I was able to without over doing it. The weather was decent today so I didn’t freeze. I have not gotten a headband yet and near the end of the run my ears/head was starting to hurt but I am hoping to do today and get a headband and a belt and water bottle. I didn’t bringΒ  a water bottle as I really didn’t want to carry out. I jogged for just under 15 mins where I did about 2.2 kms. Which I am happy with cause I did not run a flat route. There were hills along the way and it was windy so I am quite proud of myself for jogging almost the whole time. I only walked once and it was for maybe 30 seconds. I can really tell the difference the last 2-3 months have made. The running, the weight loss, all of it has been such a positive change for me.

I came home and drank some water and then was greeted by this girl. She has a habit of always coming to me after I run on my treadmill and the fact that she did it today after I ran outside was cute. I feel like shes praising me for being healthy πŸ™‚


Last night I did some weight training for about 45 mins or so and so that added to my little jog today becomes an hour I can count towards the Fall Into Fitness 30 Day Challenge which is half way through btw!

So one of the reasons I joined the challenge was to help me motivate to keep running once I finished the couch25k program. And now I am at that point. I am determined to continue running and being the best and healthiest self I can be.

Later today or tomorrow I am going to take a look back at my goals I posted about near the beginning of my journey and I am going to see what I can update and or cross of that list πŸ™‚

Hope everyone enjoys the last bit of the weekend


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