Hydration Systems for running. Opinions?


So I wanted to run outside today but it was soo windy and I knew I wasn’t going to be good without a headband so I settled on doing an hour workout inside and leaving running outside to tomorrow. I did an hour of weights to add a point to the Fall Into Fitness 30 Day Challenge.

So I think today I am going to be able to go to the running store and pick up a few things. I need a headband to keep my ears warm as it is getting a bit chilly and I don’t want that to stop me from running outside.

I also wanted to get some kind of water bottle that I could take with me on the go. I saw there are belts and the hand bottles. I don’t think I could do the hand ones at all. I think having something on my hand would drive me insane oh and same goes for the the arm band ones. I hate arm bands.

I have never tried a belt before and was looking online and having a hard time choosing. I am not doing long distances yet but I want to still have water on me to sip here and there. The am trying to decide between 2 types. One is the belt with a single larger bottle like this: http://ca.shop.runningroom.com/accessories/hydration/crush-bottle-carrier.html

And the other a belt with a couple smaller bottles like this: http://ca.shop.runningroom.com/accessories/hydration/r2o-revenge-2-bottle-belt-o-s.html

Anyone have any suggestions? What have you used and what has worked for you??



7 thoughts on “Hydration Systems for running. Opinions?

  1. I couldn’t cope with carrying a bottle in my hand, the waist belt meant that my arm was rubbing off the bottle (drove me potty), so in the end I settled for a hydro back pack. But only for long runs if I am only doing 5-10k I don’t bring a drink, or I will plan laps and stop at the car.

  2. Personally, I’d go with the first one. I see the little bottles from the second one on the ground all the time during races – so apparently they fall out. That’s just my guess though, I have a hand one.

  3. I’ve tried lots and lots of hydration options. I have a handheld one and it really is quite good. It’s an SPI brand and is very comfortable to carry (I have used it in events when I first started running but now use it for training runs on hot days). I’ve tried a couple of belts and the Nathan one is my favourite. It is easy to get the bottles in and out of. It doesn’t wobble around and I hardly notice it’s there. I wish I could drop over and lend you the ones I have so you could test them out 🙂 When I first started running I always had a drink with me… it was like a security blanket. I usually put powerade in for a little energy on they way. Best of luck with finding something that suits.

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