Chilly Run Outside

Seconds run outside and first official run without the couch 25k program. So today I got to test out my new hydration belt, headband and nuun.

I left my house and then realized how cold it really was and went back for my gloves. It was really quite chilly and windy! But I pushed through. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to measure the stats of my run. I just got my phone back from having it repaired and I didn’t have time to update and download all my apps and stuff. So I ended up doing the same route as last time and more. If I had to estimate the distance I would say about 3.5k and I ran for maybe 20-25 mins or so. I ran further this time without walking. I jogged for the most part and had a couple 30 second walking intervals. I am feeling pretty good. I didn’t feel like I was dying haha that is how I use to feel running outside.

I think I am going to have to get some real thermal running gear if I am going to continue running outside in the winter. It was about 1 degree today and in the winter it can go to -10 plus the wind chill makes it feel like -20 or so. So ….. we will see. Honestly I don’t know if I am going to run outside in the winter. I have issues breathing in the cold but for now I am enjoying the runs outside.

As for the new gear… The belt was great. It stayed in place and getting the bottles in and out weren’t too bad. I will just need some time to get use to them. But I didn’t feel awkward running with it at all. The headband was also great and stayed in place because of the pony tail hole. I used half a tab of the nuun for one of my little bottles and it was a nice to have something other than water.

Overall I am feeling good and happy. I will slowly slowly work myself up to running the 5k non stop. I was also thinking of trying to find an indoor track or something then maybe in the winter I can do that sometimes instead of the treadmill all the time.

I am going to do some yoga today to add my time up for the Fall into Fitness 30 Day Challenge so that I do my 1 hour of exercise for the day.


13 thoughts on “Chilly Run Outside

    • Hey that sounds awesome but I don’t think I am quite ready for the 10k yet. I am still working on running the 5k non stop. I am planning on working towards the 10 around spring time. I think I am going to be bound to the treadmill for the winter season. If you are setting up something like this again in the spring time let me know I will definitely be interested!

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