New Running Gear Purchased!! Yay


So I wanted thank you guys for your input on my earlier post regarding the hydration options.

I went by the store today and tried out the different options and settled on the belt with the 3 bottles. I don’t think I would need 3 bottles but the one with 2 bottles was only $5 cheaper so I figured I would get the 3 instead and just take out the extra one until I need it.

I also got a cute headband that has a pony tail hole and it is a breast cancer product. I also picked up nuuns which I heard a lot of other runners talk about so I figured I would try them out. I just wanted something to add a bit of flavour to my water. I got the strawberry lemonade flavour and it is also another breast cancer pink ribbon product.

Overall I spent quite a bit of money but I am happy I got these and I am excited to test them out tomorrow. Tomorrow will be quite chilly so lets see how it goes! It is going to be between 0 and 3 degrees Celsius or 32 and 27 Fahrenheit for the Americans πŸ˜›

Also the girl at the running store told me that 2x a week they have a running meet where you meet at the store and then there are several groups based on distance that break up and all run together. That sounds pretty awesome. I think I will check it out down the road when I am more comfortable and confident.


9 thoughts on “New Running Gear Purchased!! Yay

  1. I hope you have fun with your new gear! This stuff is neat, maybe I will try to get something like it. Just one new little thing, whether it is new sneakers, or a new belt-bag, or a new shirt, or a new song to hum and I feel like a new runner. Happy running to you!

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