Winter is fully here and I am frustrated!


So I have yet to go running outside since the snow. I am feeling really bad about it 😦

I am running on my treadmill but since I started running outside I am not liking the treadmill anymore and I want to run outside but the honest truth is I am kind of scared too. I took the pic above of the sidewalk on my street and its all covered in ice and snow. Before I was worried about the cold but now I am worried about slipping.

Last year I fell and injured my tailbone really badly while rollerblading and my tail bone hasn’t been the same since. Sitting for long periods of time is uncomfortable. I had to sit on one of those donut cushions for months after my injury. I am just really worried that I can injure it again.

I was determined to keep running outside and I even ordered some thermal gear online but I just don’t know what to do. I was looking into those plastic things you can put on the bottom of your shoe to help you with traction in these weather conditions but I don’t know how good they are.

I have just been running on the treadmill this week and haven’t done any weights as my forearms were really painful and so I decided to give them a rest. They still have knots in them but at least now they aren’t throbbing anymore so tomorrow I will run then do some weights. I want to get in as many hours of exercise I can before the Fall Into Fitness 30 Day Challenge is up!

I have had a pretty decent week so far. Yesterday my friends  and I went to go watch Aladdin the musical and it was awesome 🙂 They had bought me the tickets way back in June for my bday. I really enjoyed the show. Tomorrow I am going to try to steer clear of malls as it is Black Friday and people go nuts!

If anyone is going shopping good luck!! And Happy Thanksgiving to the Americans 🙂


9 thoughts on “Winter is fully here and I am frustrated!

  1. Have you thought about finding a running group to run with? I was always shy about joining a group because I thought I would slow everyone down. I found that there are heaps of groups out there very happy to welcome beginners. Just a thought. I don’t like treadmills but if the weather isn’t that good they are a great option.

    • Yea I wanted to eventually check out a running group but my plan was to do it in the spring time when I felt more confident in my running capabilities. The only running group I know is still not the closest to me and so it is not the most convenient. I think once I get my thermal gear I am going to attempt a run outside and try to stick to clean sidewalks and if an area is icy I will either move to the road or on the snow area. I am running on small residential roads so hopefully that will work.

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