Holiday recap and Power is back and so is Running!

So I finally got my power back after 6/7 days. I moved back in to my place last night and I was able to get a run in on my treadmill this morning. I did intervals and then finished off with short sprints. I did about 2 miles by the end. I am going to workout again tomorrow morning… maybe another run and weights as well.

I am so happy to have power back and it felt good to workout. I did workout over the holidays a couple times at my bf’s place but I didn’t run just weights.

So I spent Christmas at my bf’s and it was full of food and nice company. My bf and I both woke up xmas morning and worked out so that was good. At least I burned some calories before the christmas dinner. As for new years my plans aren’t set yet.. so will have to wait and see.

I went for a second interview for a position I applied for and I got offered the position but I don’t know if the position is for me… so I am taking some time to think about it.

Hope everyone had a wonderful holidays!


Oh why have I been away? Cause we had an ice storm and the city has no power.

So….. Saturday night we had a freezing rain storm that continued into Sunday. Our power went out Saturday night and still has yet to be restored. The city I live in (Toronto) is a big city and some people have regained power while some never lost power but hundreds of thousands did lose power. My home still has no power so I am staying at my bf’s place. I had to pack up the pets and bring them here too. This has been a crazy holidays when so much of the city is basically not functioning from lights to gas stations to grocery stores (oh and not to mention all the fallen streets and wires all over the place). As horrible as the power outage is …. the freezing rain left a beautiful sight so I took some pics to share.







I’m back!


So after being MIA and not running I was feeling pretty crappy and guilty. Life events were getting in the way and my motivation was starting to crash. For me it is a cycle when I fall out of a habit and it usually goes to a point where it crashes and burns. I stopped it. Today I got a much needed motivation from my sister and I kicked myself into gear and hopped on the treadmill. It wasn’t an amazing workout in terms of speed or distance but it was a work out that made me feel good in the end. I did some intervals and speed walked here and there as I started cramping but I pushed through and whenever I got my breathing under control I would run again. I did 2.5 miles by the end (not including the distance covered in my warm up and cool down). As soon as I was done I felt good and my workout buddy joined me for the rest of my workout (I am talking about my kitty lol).

I did some weight after the run. I did bench press, military shoulder press, bent over rows, and some core exercises.

I think I need to sit and come up with a new set of goals for myself since my previous goals some have been achieved already.

On a side note I am going for a second interview at a place I applied to (yay!). I hope this works out.


I have been a bit MIA and I feel guilty

So this week has been a bit of a exhausting one. I haven’t run at all this week and I feel super guilty and bad about it. I have done strength training so I haven’t been completely inactive. I have just been feeling off and not like myself…. I feel very blahh. It might be that it’s because it’s that time of the month or just everything going on in my life.

Monday morning I was supposed to run but then in the morning I started talking over the phone with my bf and he was going through some stuff so I spent the time I was supposed to be working out talking to him. Then next day pretty much the same thing happened but with my sister instead. Wednesday I woke up not feeling well and having bad cramps but instead of running I did weights. Also after running outside I am no longer enjoying the treadmill. But running outside is not an option right now. It is sooo cold. it has been around -12 C (10 F) but with the wind chill they say it feels like -20 C (-4 F). And we are supposed to get a snow storm this weekend.

I am still unhappy at work and looking for other work. I have a couple interviews lined up so hopefully I find something better.

I feel like this week is a right off.. but I need to make sure it doesn’t happen again.

Day After Leg Day


So I got my compression socks in the mail a few days ago and I wore them all day today and I am still wearing them as I sit here and enjoy Lord of the Rings – Return of the King on tv! (FYI I was completely in love with LOTR as a teen and I still enjoy them a lot so this is a treat!)

My calves were super sore today after the workout to the socks felt nice. Surprisingly the rest of my legs weren’t too bad. I might have to increase some weight or sets next time around. If I am not sore I am not sure if that means the workout wasn’t good enough.. I dunno. But I do find that lately I get sore less and less with most of my strength exercises. I dunno if I am just getting use to it or what… but I continue to increase weight/reps/sets. 

Today I had a long day at work and then I went to get some ingredients to make gingerbread cookies for the Ugly Sweater Christmas Party I am going to later this month. Tomorrow I get to spend the day with the bf 🙂 Dunno what we are doing but I know that when we hang out it is going to be a good day.

Hope everyone else is enjoying their weekend!


Run & Leg Day


So yesterday we had a random day of warm weather. It has been around -1 or 0 for the most part but yesterday it went as high as 13 degrees! Obviously my thought was “omg I want to run outside!!” … sadly I worked all day and by the time I got home it was cold, dark and windy 😦

So today I decided to do a short run and leg exercises. I ran on the treadmill to avoid the cold. I warmed up then did a quick mile and a cool down. Then I did a whole bunch of leg exercises. Squats, lunges, calf raises, side leg raises, hip extension, straight leg raises… etc. Yep major leg day today. I used the weights for the exercises I could like squats and lunges as well.

I am feeling good but tomorrow I will look like the puppy in the picture! Haha.

Happy Friday everyone 🙂