Sunday Weight Training


So today I decided to do some weights. I focused mostly on upper body (biceps, triceps, shoulder, traps) and core.

I had a decent workout and was able to increase some weight on a few exercises. I decided to try something new as well.

I got on my treadmill and put a slow walking speed on and did some leg exercises. I did hip and knee flexion, hip extension, abduction and adduction all while walking. It was a nice change actually and made it a bit more challenging and interesting. I think I may add this into my cool down at the end of my workouts.

So the Fall Into Fitness 30 Day Challenge is almost over! Can’t believe how time flies. I will need to pick up another challenge for the month of Dec!

The rest of my Sunday will consist of watching Catching Fire, going to send my phone back for repair….as AGAIN it isn’t charging ugh!! So frustrating I JUST sent it out for the same issue a couple weeks ago. I am happy I get to spend the whole day with my bf šŸ™‚ yay.

What is everyone else doing on this Sunday? Hope whatever it is it’s just fantastic! šŸ˜€


5 thoughts on “Sunday Weight Training

  1. Sounds like a good workout! My oldest (3.5 yrs) and I went to her soccer session this morning….it’s so much fun playing with her. Now it’s play time with both my girls and I’m hoping to workout tonight before I get ready for my return to work!

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