Cold Hard Run & Memories of Argentina


So today I decided I would run outside as you can see all the snow and ice has melted from the sidewalks. I was hoping for a bit of a warmer day but although there was no ice and snow it was definitely cold! So since my thermal gear hadn’t arrived yet I decided to wear tights under my pants to add an extra layer. On top I had a tshirt, sweater, headband and gloves.

I have to say running in the cold is sooo hard for me. It was about -1 C out (about 30 F). As I was running I just felt like I could not get enough air. On my previous runs outside I was able to get farther without walking but on this run I felt like I constantly had to walk between my runs. I felt like my endurance was so much less. The feeling of not getting enough air reminded me of being at high altitude. A year and a half ago I visited Argentina on a volunteering trip and went to the Aconcagua National Park. The Aconcagua mountain is one of the highest peaks. We obviously didn’t go up the mountain but even just being in the national park I could feel the altitude. Hiking was so hard at first as I felt like no matter how deep of a breath I took I wasn’t getting enough air.

Anyways in the end I did about 2 miles at an average pace of 12:30/mile which is alright considering how much I actually walked. For those of you who run outside in cold I look up to you… this is really hard!

I thought I would share some lovely pics from the Aconcagua National park since I just ranted about it πŸ™‚


So this is the first pic you can actually see me! haha I am on the left. Image


13 thoughts on “Cold Hard Run & Memories of Argentina

  1. My main thing about running in the cold is getting properly warmed up before starting. It’s hard to get loose with the cold, so I do a bunch of dynamic warming up before I leave the house (squats, lunges, jumping jacks, skipping, high knees, etc.)

  2. I’ve heard good things about those neck warmers that you can pull up over your face and still breath through them well. I haven’t actually tried it though. So far I do okay in the cold – though I am back to the beginning of the C25k program after 3 months of being sick and unable to exercise, so it’s not like I spend a lot of time actually running. anyway – I hope to get something along those lines as cold weather lasts until about April-ish here. LOL

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