I’m back!


So after being MIA and not running I was feeling pretty crappy and guilty. Life events were getting in the way and my motivation was starting to crash. For me it is a cycle when I fall out of a habit and it usually goes to a point where it crashes and burns. I stopped it. Today I got a much needed motivation from my sister and I kicked myself into gear and hopped on the treadmill. It wasn’t an amazing workout in terms of speed or distance but it was a work out that made me feel good in the end. I did some intervals and speed walked here and there as I started cramping but I pushed through and whenever I got my breathing under control I would run again. I did 2.5 miles by the end (not including the distance covered in my warm up and cool down). As soon as I was done I felt good and my workout buddy joined me for the rest of my workout (I am talking about my kitty lol).

I did some weight after the run. I did bench press, military shoulder press, bent over rows, and some core exercises.

I think I need to sit and come up with a new set of goals for myself since my previous goals some have been achieved already.

On a side note I am going for a second interview at a place I applied to (yay!). I hope this works out.



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