Wednesday Workout – Short Jog, Legs & Abs


So after being out of my usual workout schedule from the holidays, 6 day power outage and being sick I am trying to get back into a routine.

So today I did a short run on the treadmill. I did about 2 miles by the end of it. I feel kind of crappy about my running recently because I feel like I finished the couch25k program but still havent been able to do the whole 3.1 miles non stop. Also the treadmill isn’t as appealing anymore after I started running outside but in this crazy winter weather we are having running outside just isn’t an option. I feel like I won’t really get that distance until I am able to run outside again. On a side note I preregistered for the Run or Dye 5k. The date hasn’t been set yet but I preregistered to get all the info when they figure it out. It looks like it will be in the summer. I think this will be a good intro 5k for me as its more about the fun aspect of it than the time. I think it will help me get over the self conscious aspect of running with others.

After my run I followed these new apps I downloaded. I did the Ab Trainer and Leg Trainer. They are from Zen Labs and I downloaded them for free. They also have other ones too like butt trainer, pushup trainer, and a 5k and 10k. I like the apps. You can choose Easy, Medium, or Hard and you can choose how long you want your workout to be (5, 7.5, or 10 mins). Then it gives you instructions on how to do each exercise and you have a certain amount of time to do as many reps as you can and at the end it asks you to enter how many reps you did then you get a minute to rest then on to the next exercise. This is what the app kind of looks like and what the thumbnail of the app looks like if you are looking to download it. ImageImage

The app is a great way to change things up a bit and learn some new exercises.

Do you guys use apps to workout with? What apps do you find the most effective?


7 thoughts on “Wednesday Workout – Short Jog, Legs & Abs

  1. Aww man, 6 day power outage + sickness! Sending virtual hugs! Don’t feel bad about the running. Think about how far you’ve come and focus on your goal instead of beating yourself up! I’ve definitely been there!

  2. I have a HIIT app that I use with tabata workouts – but only when I can’t get to bootcamp. Don’t give up on the old treadmill, your weather in the northern hemisphere looks atrocious. Sometimes the treadmill is the only way to go. You will enjoy running outside even more with the weather warms up. Keep going with that 5km. When you want to stop try and imagine how it will feel when you run the whole way – there is nothing like that feeling and you want it!! Another trick I have is to use visualisation when I’m doing planks and wall sits – feel the burn and imagine getting to the finish line. You can do it.

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