Friday Workout – Push ups and upper body


So yesterday I focused on upper body exercises. I tried the PushUps Trainer app from Zen Labs. Well let me start by saying how much I suck at push ups. My upper body was never good at supporting the rest of my body. As a kid I could never do monkey bars or pulls ups/chin ups… and well I still can’t do them πŸ˜› But I do want to get better at them! So I tried the easy level workout on the app. It was 7 different exercises I think. Knee pushups, regular pushups, and elevated pushups. There are a ton more that you’ll do in the harder levels such as diamond pushups, elevated feet pushups, clapping pushups, spider pushups and etc.Β 

Knee pushups are ok for me but regular ones I am so bad at. I can barely lower myself. But I will just do my best and I will get better at them. By the end of the workout with the app I had done a total of 84 reps I believe. Then I did biceps, triceps, chest and traps. I am definitely feeling the soreness kicking in this morning. I think it will be full force in a couple hours where it will hurt to hold my arms up haha.


Yesterday I tried something new. I cooked with butternut squash. I have only used it for soup before but I used it with chicken yesterday and it was good! I peeled and diced it up along with the chicken and cooked it in a pan with tomatoes, dill and some chicken broth and had it over brown rice. It was tasty!Image


3 thoughts on “Friday Workout – Push ups and upper body

  1. A few a day! πŸ™‚ I don’t think I have done a pull up, I did some tri-dips at the gym on the what-ever-its-called, but I daren’t reach up to try the pulls ups, in case I can’t reach the bar! haha…I like the T-rex photo, I know it’s off topic, but have you ever seen the T-rex making the bed! Its brilliant!

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