Signed up for a 5k!!! and Friday Run – Day 2 of 10K app


So I have finally signed up for my first ever 5k. I decided to do the Color Me Rad 5k because it is a more fun based race and that is what I need for my 1st one. The thought of running a race is very nerve wracking for me. I feel self conscious and I feel like I will be the slowest one there but I don’t care.. I will do this for me! Signing up was a big deal for me. I also got a few friends to join so yay! TheΒ  big day will be May 31, 2014!! I am super excited and nervous!

So today I did the 2nd day of the 10k app program thing. It was the same as day 1… which was warm up, 60 sec jog/90 sec walk repeated then cool down. Last time I did 2.22 miles and today I did 2.32 in the same time frame. So I increased it by a bit πŸ™‚ I ran the jogs a bit faster this time (between 9:15 – 8:34 /mile). I felt good after my run now I have a goal and date to look forward to. Once things get warmer (probably late March) I will start training outside and that will be when the real training kicks in.

Today I also went shopping and got a workout t-shirt and a running/workout long sleeve sweater/shirt thing. I love them! I also got a super cute dress that I cannot wait to wear (probably when things get a bit warmer). Image

Kitty joined in on the pic as well πŸ™‚ She seems to be doing better and hasn’t had blood in her urine the last 2 days. So hopefully the crystal is dissolving!


11 thoughts on “Signed up for a 5k!!! and Friday Run – Day 2 of 10K app

  1. Love the dress, you are looking good! So excited about your first 5km event. Don’t worry about time – coming back of pack is lots of fun (I have lots of experience!). It’s about having a go and participating… well done on entering.

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