Monday Run- Week 2 Day 1


Today ^


Sept 2013 and Summer of 2012 ^

So today was day 1 of week #2 in the 10k app from Zen Labs I am following. I woke up and immediately could feel the soreness in my legs and arms from my workout yesterday. I stretched a good deal before and after my run. I know I am going to be quite sore are the day goes on… I kind of like the soreness because it is a reminder of the hard work I put in. The run was the usual 5 min warm up and cool down with intervals of 90 sec jogging and 2 min walking for a total of 31 mins. I finished with a distance of 2.37 miles. I felt good during the run except for one point where my hair was bothering me and I had to stop and fix it. I also wore my new workout shirt I got for the run today. I posted it next the progress pics I uploaded from Sept. There isn’t much weight difference between the pic from today and from september but I think I have increased my muscle and toned up a bit more. I feel good and energetic. I do have to go to work soon and it is mighty cold outside right now (-11 but feels like -20!). I need to get ready and bundled up!

Happy Monday everyone!



6 thoughts on “Monday Run- Week 2 Day 1

    • Thanks! πŸ™‚ I feel even better! I think its the way I feel more than the way I am looking that is motivating me. Of course the physical aspect of it is definitely a good perk πŸ˜›

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