Sunday Weight Training


So today I had a nice weight training session. I focused on legs, biceps and triceps. I spent a good hour doing exercises then I did lots of stretches and had a nice session with my foam roller!


I am starting to see the difference in my muscles and I love it. My arms are getting stronger and when I flex I can start to really feel my muscles. I am excited to have nice toned arms 🙂 hehe. I did lunges, squats, calf raises, side leg raises, scissors, fire hydrants, bicep curls, overhead tricep extension and pushups. Tomorrow will be another run day.

I now have gotten 3 friends to sign up for the Color Me Rad 5k.. so there is 4 of us doing it together. I am really excited! It is still quite a ways away so that gives me time to train. The race isn’t timed but I think I might time myself out of curiosity but the time isnt my main concern. The reason I am doing this race is so I get use to it running with other people and in front of others. I will find another 5k to do probably that is timed. I am going to try and find something that is for charity or something like that.

Well the weekend is over and its back to work tomorrow (boo!).


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