Week 2 Day 2


So today was the same routine as day 1 for the 10k app. 5 min warm up then alternate 90 sec jog with 2 min walk then 5 min cool down for a total of 31 mins. I increased my speed a bit more on my jogs than my last run. So last time i finished with a distance of 2.37 miles and today I did 2.42. So a little bit of an increase 🙂 I did my jogs at a speed of 6.8 which is a 8:45/mile place or so… I must say that near the end of each 90 second bout I was quite tired…. and I know that speed isn’t even that fast haha as people run at that speed when they do long distances but for me right now it is pretty fast. Just something I know I will get better at with time 🙂 I got one more run this week at the same intervals then next week it is something different.

Happy humpday!


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