Monday Run and Juicing


So my phone decided to crap out on me a couple days ago. So right now I am stuck with a basic phone until the company gets back to me on whether they are going to give me a new phone. So that means no apps and no data (ugh). So I had no idea what week 3 of the 10k program I was doing was going to be… so I made it up on what I thought it would be. So I did 2 min jog then 2 min speed walk for 30 mins. I had a harder time running today…I think I was going to have to go to the bathroom and so I was getting some cramps. I also had the feeling in my chest like the air was too cold but i was running on my treadmill … I think it was cause I had the fan on and it was bothering me. Which is odd cause i generally always have the fan on when i am running. Then I started to get all itchy from the sweating I think ahhh it was just and annoying run but I did. I walked at a speed of 4 and jogged at 6.5 (9:14/mile). After that I did some weights for my upper body. I am super excited about the difference I can see in my arms. When I flex I can really feel the difference 🙂

I also decided to pull out this juice that I have had for a while but never used. So I went shopping to make juices. I made a nice blend with apples, oranges, spinach, cucumber, and carrots. If my phone was working I would take a pic of the amazing green colour the juice is. I got one of those glass Voss water bottles to keep the juice in cause it is quite an ordeal to clean the juicer so I made a big bottle and kept it in the fridge. There was so much pulp left from the juice so I decided to use it in a soup. I made butternut squash soup and added the pulp left from the juice and it is delicious!!

Now that I have gotten my started on a good note its time for work!


5 thoughts on “Monday Run and Juicing

  1. Ohhh I so want a juicer/smoothie machine. I dislike anything with ‘bits’ in; orange juice, yoghurt ect, so I’m on the fence! Its like I want it, but I want smooth juice, is it possible?! haha. Hope they send you your phone back soon!

    • Well the juicer gets rid of any bits or anything so its just like pulp free juice. I have the jack lalanne power juice.
      Yea I hope I get my phone situation sorted out soon! I am supposed to hear back this week.

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