Wednesday Run & Strength training and I got my phone back!



So I finally got my phone back so that meant I could continue with my 10k app! Yay! So week 3 day 1 was 5 min warm up, 90s jog, 90s walk, 3 min jog, 3 min walk repeated twice and then 5 min cool down. So for a total of 28 mins.. I finished with 2.13 miles. I ran at a speed of 6.5 or 9:14/mile pace. I felt good after the run. It wasn’t too hard.

After I continued to do some strength training exercises. I worked on biceps and back. Did curls, bent over rows, back extension and etc. I tend to neglect working out my back (which i really shouldn’t) so I have set a goal that I will workout my back at least once a week. I love doing back extensions and let me tell you how you can still do them without a back extension station. So since I workout at home I don’t have an endless supply of gym equipment but I have enough to make things work. One of my favourite things I have is the exercise ball. I use it for so many things from a bench to do chest press to a chair or to a back extension station. If you are wondering how I use it for the back extension I will explain. So I lay on the ball and put my feet on the wall or against it to steady myself. Just like the pic below:


It honestly is a great workout for your back!

So right now it is snowing A LOT! It has been snowing all night and morning and it is supposed to continue. I will have to take some pics and post them later. Looking out my window right now it is completely white.

So over the weekend my bf and I made these amazing pizzas! We used this special flatbread called P28. They have 28 grams of protein in them. This brand also has bagels, toast and nut butters. They are really good!!!

So we used the flatbread then put some organic tomato sauce, low fat cheese, and loaded it up with tons of spinach, onions, mushrooms, green peppers and some prosciutto. It was sooo good. It is like a thin crust pizza! Image



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