Wednesday Workout and an Update


So I have had an insane week and its just going to get busier. My coworker is away so I am covering for her.. which means long hours ugh. So I have been super tired from working 10 hours plus transit time so that is about a 12+ hour days. Today I get a shorter day but tomorrow is another full day again. So I worked out today. I have to admit that I neglected my Monday workout because of the long shift.

I did 30 mins of circuit training with the usual 2 min running and 2 min of some other type of exercise. Then I finished off with just some more weight exercise for another 20 mins or so. I focused on abs and arms in this workout. I felt good and I felt like I sweat a lot like I always do when doing this type of circuit.

Oh and some good news!! I got an awesome new full time job πŸ™‚ I have been looking for a while as you may know and have turned down about 3 other positions because I was waiting for the right one and I think this is it! I start on March 10th so I am super happy about that.

I also wanted to start trying on wedding dresses. A little early haha cause we haven’t even set a date yet and realistically its not going to be for another 1.5-2 years but I saw this dress I am absolutely in love with and really wanted to try it. I was worried they weren’t going to have it by the time it got closer to my date. Well I decided to call and see if they have it in store and to make an appointment. Well….. They didnt have it!! I called several other locations even in Buffalo and no where has this dress. Basically I would have to order it online if I wanted it 😦 I am really really upset about it. I mean yea I have never tried on dresses before but I have been looking at a lot of dresses and this is the only one that I was like wow I really like and couldn’t get it out of my mind. So now I don’t know what to do. 😦


8 thoughts on “Wednesday Workout and an Update

  1. Awesome on your new full time job! Congratulations! And wedding dresses- how fun!! I remember doing that- oh the memories you will have! They will stick with you forever! πŸ˜‰

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