Wednesday Circuit Training & Random Pics from the Week


So today I decided to do some circuit training that incorporated running. So it was 5 mins warm up on the treadmill then 2 mins fast run and 2-3 mins of a strength training exercise and then back to running. Total workout time was about 45 mins and man was it a good workout!! My heart was pumping and I was so sweaty. I like circuit training because it feels like time goes by quicker and I get a good mix of exercises in. The exercise I did in between the runs today were biceps curls, trice extensions, squats, push ups, and some lower ab exercises. Overall a good workout and a nice start to my day.

Here are some pics I wanted to share from the past week.

My kitty cat watching the treadmill today. She is so curious. Image

Below is the V-day dinner my fiance and I cooked. He made the fish which was baked and covered in nuts and breadcumbs and I made the salad and a homemade honey mustard dressing. The fish look like hearts!Image

This is my sister’s dog and she needs a haircut bad so we tied her hair to get it out of her face haha. She is so cute.


Over the weekend we went out for sushi and once of the dishes we ordered (tuna tatar which came on a bed of rice and avacados) came in a pretty heart!ย 



Yoga Tuesday


So today I decided to do some yoga after my run and weights yesterday. I followed this youtube video below; its yoga for runners. I actually quite liked it. It is funny cause just the other day I was saying how when i stretch my quads I don’t feel like im getting that good of a stretch because I don’t have that tight feeling but I figured its just cause they aren’t really tight…. well around 20 mins into that video there was a pose to stretch your quads and boy did I feel it!! I am going to incorporate that pose into my stretches after my run now.

Oh and the whole time I was doing the video my cat was also trying to participate by rubbing herself over me. I would be in downward dog and then she would walk under me and her tail would end up in my mouth or all over my face lol. I just didn’t have the heart to kick her out of the room so I let her stay.

Wednesday Workout – Start of a new Program and a recap of this week.


So I had a hectic few days. This was my first workout this week and I started a 10k app from Zen Labs. I know I haven’t reached my goal of run 5k non stop yet but I was having a hard time sticking to the treadmill once I finished the Couch to 5k program. So I started this 10k trainer program/app. It is a 14 week program, 3x a week. Similar to the C25k but a bit longer obviously. I did really well with the C25k so I am excited to give this a try. I am also doing their other apps which I previously mentioned. Today I did the Butts Trainer and Abs Trainer after my run.

My run was pretty easy today. The program consisted of 5 min warm up and 5 min cool down with alternating 1 min jog and 1.5 min walk for a total of 30 mins. I finished at 2.25 miles in the end. Easy run for me. Next time I will push harder during the jog periods so I can increase the distance since 1 min is such a short interval to run (I was jogging at a speed of 6.5 or a 9 min/mile pace).

The butts trainer and abs trainer are good! I really like them. Here are a lust of some of the exercises they have (there is more than what you see here)

Image Image

The reason I had such a hectic few days was on Monday morning I noticed my cat was acting weird. She was growling non stop and hissing. I thought she must have just been cranky and in a mood. But then I noticed puddles of blood on the floor. I freaked out. I didn’t have a car to take her to the vet so I called my friend and she was nice enough to give me a ride. Oh and this is at 12 noon and I was supposed to be at work at 2 and I had to go in as no one could cover for me. My vet was away and so I had to take her to a diff vet. In the end turns out she has struvite crystals in her bladder. They took an xray and showed it to me and the crystal looks pretty big (or they said it might be a cluster of smaller ones). She isn’t likely to pass it on her own due to the size so there are 2 options. 1 is to feed her a special diet that might help to dissolve them so she can eventually pass them (this could take months). Option to is to surgically remove them. Right now she is on antibiotics (which she hates taking and I can’t even hide it in a treat cause she isn’t allowed to eat anything other than the special food). My vet comes back in a couple weeks and I am taking her back to see her. I talked to the vet tech at my vet and she said usually they go with option 1 and after 2 months of the cats eating the food they re-evaluate to see if the crystals are still there. I have just been so stressed with the whole thing. After losing my previous cat in the fire I get so worried about anything when it comes to my pets. I just can’t bear the thought of something happening to them. It is just too hard. Right now she seems to be doing ok… she still has some blood in her urine but they said that is normal. I hope she won’t need surgery.


Officially a couch to 5k graduate! Graduation ceremony = run outside.


I am a high school graduate, a university graduate and now….. a Couch to 5k graduate!!!

I decided this final run had to be outside. Originally I was just planning to run on the treadmill but I ended up waking up later than expected and then I was worried I was going to be short on time so I decided to postpone the run. I got ready for my interview and I think it went really well! They said I was a very strong candidate and they would be in touch next week. So I was feeling good.

I got home and put on my new zip up I got for running outside. Image

The pic makes it look kind of orange but it is actually neon pink. I figured a bright colour is good for visibility. I knew I had to take it slow because this would be my first real run outside and although I knew I wasn’t going to do the whole 5k I told myself I would do whatever I was able to without over doing it. The weather was decent today so I didn’t freeze. I have not gotten a headband yet and near the end of the run my ears/head was starting to hurt but I am hoping to do today and get a headband and a belt and water bottle. I didn’t bringย  a water bottle as I really didn’t want to carry out. I jogged for just under 15 mins where I did about 2.2 kms. Which I am happy with cause I did not run a flat route. There were hills along the way and it was windy so I am quite proud of myself for jogging almost the whole time. I only walked once and it was for maybe 30 seconds. I can really tell the difference the last 2-3 months have made. The running, the weight loss, all of it has been such a positive change for me.

I came home and drank some water and then was greeted by this girl. She has a habit of always coming to me after I run on my treadmill and the fact that she did it today after I ran outside was cute. I feel like shes praising me for being healthy ๐Ÿ™‚


Last night I did some weight training for about 45 mins or so and so that added to my little jog today becomes an hour I can count towards the Fall Into Fitness 30 Day Challenge which is half way through btw!

So one of the reasons I joined the challenge was to help me motivate to keep running once I finished the couch25k program. And now I am at that point. I am determined to continue running and being the best and healthiest self I can be.

Later today or tomorrow I am going to take a look back at my goals I posted about near the beginning of my journey and I am going to see what I can update and or cross of that list ๐Ÿ™‚

Hope everyone enjoys the last bit of the weekend

Running, leftover candy and a demanding cat. Week 8 Workout 3


So last night I had about 60 trick or treaters but I still have candy left over. I am trying to think of a way to get rid of them (and no eating them isn’t an option haha). Any suggestions??

So I got to sleep in today YAY. I woke up and got ready for my run. It was another 28 min jog day today… my last before it increases to 30 mins and I take on my last week of the couch to 5k program ๐Ÿ™‚

Overall the run went ok. I had to power walk again for a bit but this time just 30 seconds instead of a minute. I dunno why I am having such a hard time completing the 28 mins without a power walk. I did the 25 mins without walking but a little over halfway point int he 28 mins I feel the need to slow down. I will have to work on it and try to push through. My distance was pretty much the same as last time 2.96 miles.ย 

Once I finished I went on my yoga mat to stretch and my kitty joined me at first but then was just rubbing herself all over me and purring. She was demanding attention so I was stretching and petting her at the same time. Right now as I type this on my laptop on my bed she is sleeping next to me ๐Ÿ™‚

Hope everyone has a wonderful Friday!

A so so workout acompanied by my cat. Week 7 Workout 1


So as I was setting up my treadmill my cat decided she needed to be pet at that exact moment. So… the pic you see above is what was going on. She is so funny haha. Later after I turned on the treadmill to o my warm up she decided to stare at me. Image

She was just so curious at what was happening. This is the first time she has watched me run.

Anyways my workout today was the same as the last one. Warm up, 25 min jog, cool down. Last time I did the 25 mins with no major problems. Today I struggled a little more. I increased my speed by just a little bit and I think that mixed with the fact that I was not feeling very well the day before lead to a not so great workout. I had to slow down and power walk 2x. Once my hair was driving me nuts and I had to fix it and the 2nd time I was getting cramps. So I jogged for about 22 mins instead of 25 because of those 2 walking intervals. I am a little annoyed but oh well I have more 25 min jogs to tackle and get it right.

I worked out my legs after the jog. Did some weights, squats, etc. I also made sure to do my exercises for my shins. We will see if these end up helping. I will probably get a foam roller this weekend.