Wednesday Circuit Training & Random Pics from the Week


So today I decided to do some circuit training that incorporated running. So it was 5 mins warm up on the treadmill then 2 mins fast run and 2-3 mins of a strength training exercise and then back to running. Total workout time was about 45 mins and man was it a good workout!! My heart was pumping and I was so sweaty. I like circuit training because it feels like time goes by quicker and I get a good mix of exercises in. The exercise I did in between the runs today were biceps curls, trice extensions, squats, push ups, and some lower ab exercises. Overall a good workout and a nice start to my day.

Here are some pics I wanted to share from the past week.

My kitty cat watching the treadmill today. She is so curious. Image

Below is the V-day dinner my fiance and I cooked. He made the fish which was baked and covered in nuts and breadcumbs and I made the salad and a homemade honey mustard dressing. The fish look like hearts!Image

This is my sister’s dog and she needs a haircut bad so we tied her hair to get it out of her face haha. She is so cute.


Over the weekend we went out for sushi and once of the dishes we ordered (tuna tatar which came on a bed of rice and avacados) came in a pretty heart!Β 



Chilly Run Outside

Seconds run outside and first official run without the couch 25k program. So today I got to test out my new hydration belt, headband and nuun.

I left my house and then realized how cold it really was and went back for my gloves. It was really quite chilly and windy! But I pushed through. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to measure the stats of my run. I just got my phone back from having it repaired and I didn’t have time to update and download all my apps and stuff. So I ended up doing the same route as last time and more. If I had to estimate the distance I would say about 3.5k and I ran for maybe 20-25 mins or so. I ran further this time without walking. I jogged for the most part and had a couple 30 second walking intervals. I am feeling pretty good. I didn’t feel like I was dying haha that is how I use to feel running outside.

I think I am going to have to get some real thermal running gear if I am going to continue running outside in the winter. It was about 1 degree today and in the winter it can go to -10 plus the wind chill makes it feel like -20 or so. So ….. we will see. Honestly I don’t know if I am going to run outside in the winter. I have issues breathing in the cold but for now I am enjoying the runs outside.

As for the new gear… The belt was great. It stayed in place and getting the bottles in and out weren’t too bad. I will just need some time to get use to them. But I didn’t feel awkward running with it at all. The headband was also great and stayed in place because of the pony tail hole. I used half a tab of the nuun for one of my little bottles and it was a nice to have something other than water.

Overall I am feeling good and happy. I will slowly slowly work myself up to running the 5k non stop. I was also thinking of trying to find an indoor track or something then maybe in the winter I can do that sometimes instead of the treadmill all the time.

I am going to do some yoga today to add my time up for the Fall into Fitness 30 Day Challenge so that I do my 1 hour of exercise for the day.

New Running Gear Purchased!! Yay


So I wanted thank you guys for your input on my earlier post regarding the hydration options.

I went by the store today and tried out the different options and settled on the belt with the 3 bottles. I don’t think I would need 3 bottles but the one with 2 bottles was only $5 cheaper so I figured I would get the 3 instead and just take out the extra one until I need it.

I also got a cute headband that has a pony tail hole and it is a breast cancer product. I also picked up nuuns which I heard a lot of other runners talk about so I figured I would try them out. I just wanted something to add a bit of flavour to my water. I got the strawberry lemonade flavour and it is also another breast cancer pink ribbon product.

Overall I spent quite a bit of money but I am happy I got these and I am excited to test them out tomorrow. Tomorrow will be quite chilly so lets see how it goes! It is going to be between 0 and 3 degrees Celsius or 32 and 27 Fahrenheit for the Americans πŸ˜›

Also the girl at the running store told me that 2x a week they have a running meet where you meet at the store and then there are several groups based on distance that break up and all run together. That sounds pretty awesome. I think I will check it out down the road when I am more comfortable and confident.

My Goals Updated


So a while ago I wrote this list of goals for myself so I thought I would look them over again and update them.

1) Finish the couch25k program. (DONE!)

2) Run 5k without stopping. (Working on it! Almost there)

3) Sign up and run a 5k race (preferably a charity run so I can raise money for a good cause) – (this sill be in spring/summer time)

4) Lose about a total of around 50 lbs (have lost about 19 lbs so far; the number doesnt matter as much to me right now. I will just keep doing what I am doing and whatever the scale shows… it shows)

5) be a happier and healthier person (Done! I am so much happier and feel so much healthier)

6) To be able to call myself a runner (I think I can haha)

7) Learn to battle my negative mental mind when running (Definitely way better than before! Sometimes some negative thoughts still creep in but for the most part I have been able to combat it)

So I got to check off a few things off my goals list πŸ™‚

Officially a couch to 5k graduate! Graduation ceremony = run outside.


I am a high school graduate, a university graduate and now….. a Couch to 5k graduate!!!

I decided this final run had to be outside. Originally I was just planning to run on the treadmill but I ended up waking up later than expected and then I was worried I was going to be short on time so I decided to postpone the run. I got ready for my interview and I think it went really well! They said I was a very strong candidate and they would be in touch next week. So I was feeling good.

I got home and put on my new zip up I got for running outside. Image

The pic makes it look kind of orange but it is actually neon pink. I figured a bright colour is good for visibility. I knew I had to take it slow because this would be my first real run outside and although I knew I wasn’t going to do the whole 5k I told myself I would do whatever I was able to without over doing it. The weather was decent today so I didn’t freeze. I have not gotten a headband yet and near the end of the run my ears/head was starting to hurt but I am hoping to do today and get a headband and a belt and water bottle. I didn’t bringΒ  a water bottle as I really didn’t want to carry out. I jogged for just under 15 mins where I did about 2.2 kms. Which I am happy with cause I did not run a flat route. There were hills along the way and it was windy so I am quite proud of myself for jogging almost the whole time. I only walked once and it was for maybe 30 seconds. I can really tell the difference the last 2-3 months have made. The running, the weight loss, all of it has been such a positive change for me.

I came home and drank some water and then was greeted by this girl. She has a habit of always coming to me after I run on my treadmill and the fact that she did it today after I ran outside was cute. I feel like shes praising me for being healthy πŸ™‚


Last night I did some weight training for about 45 mins or so and so that added to my little jog today becomes an hour I can count towards the Fall Into Fitness 30 Day Challenge which is half way through btw!

So one of the reasons I joined the challenge was to help me motivate to keep running once I finished the couch25k program. And now I am at that point. I am determined to continue running and being the best and healthiest self I can be.

Later today or tomorrow I am going to take a look back at my goals I posted about near the beginning of my journey and I am going to see what I can update and or cross of that list πŸ™‚

Hope everyone enjoys the last bit of the weekend

Great Day! New distance, new weight, new opportunities. Week 9 workout 2.


So today has been my best distance yet. 3.06 miles. So close to the 3.1!!! And…… I did jog the whole 30 mins!!!! πŸ˜€

Since I was struggling to finish the 30 mins and even the 28 mins I decided to change things up. I did pyramid intervals with 3 differnt speeds and 2 mins at each speed. It definitely helped because I was focused on getting the 2 mins done in each speed instead of focusing on the overall time. It was easier to think “ok I got 1 min left at this speed” instead of “omg I still have 20 mins to go”. I got one more workout before I am officially a couch 25k graduate! Sunday Is going to be a big day for that reason AND I got an interview on Sunday πŸ™‚ I hope it goes well as my current work situation is just making me more and more unhappy.

To top off the more good news the scale went down again πŸ™‚ I didn’t think it was going to because I have been bloated and not feeling good because of girl’s time of month but I am down 4.2 lbs since I started the Fall into Fitness 30 Day Challenge about 2 weeks ago.

I am so happy my run went well today as it didn’t start great. When I am on my time of the month my digestive system gets all messed up. I become bloated and backed up and very uncomfortable. So 2 mins into my warm up I had to jump off the treadmill and head to the bathroom. I am so glad it was during my warm up and not the actual run. Anyways moving away from this topic… haha

I did some weights after my run and I had a workout buddy too! Image

After my workout I had a lovely breakfast. French toast made from sprouted grains bread with raspberries and banana. The smoothie had mango, papaya, berries, vegegreens, and half a scoop of vanilla protein. Protein, fruit, and veggies. What else could you want?


I am going to enjoy my day off now πŸ™‚

Tough run. Week 9 Workout 1


So today was my start to week 9 on couch25k. The jog increased from 28 mins to 30 mins. As I mentioned previously I took last week off fromΒ  running due to the knee pain but I knew this week I had to get back to it. My knee pain seems to be gone YAY! But I am feeling a bit bummed out. I had a pretty tough run and it seemed like things weren’t going my way. I was trying to not tire myself out in the beginning of the run cause I really wanted to do the full 30 mins without stopping so I did my usual speed for 10 mins then slowed down a bit and then just alternated going faster and slower but I felt like when I was going slower it just made me want to walk so much more. Like as if jogging slowly was so close to a power walk that I just wanted to walk. I struggled a lot with this run and ended up power walking a bit. My mental mind was also holding me back as I started to doubt myself. Thoughts like “maybe this running thing isn’t for me” or “I am not a runner” started running through my head.

I usually also cover the time on the treadmill so I don’t constantly look at it but last week my phone wasn’t working and I sent it in for repair and I am using a loaner phone and this phone isn’t as long as my phone so it didn’t cover the timer fully. So I could still see the time and that didn;t help me. Not having my own phone also sucked because I don’t have my log from my couch 25k app. And I know once i get my phone back they are going to wipe off my memory so I have lost all the stats ugh. Another thing was that while I was running I started to feel like my shirt was making me itchy… I had to keep scratching at my sides and abdomen. I dunno if it was the sweating or what.

Anyways in the end I did 3 miles exactly. My previous longest distance was 2.97 miles. Yes it is more but I was expecting it to be a greater because this workout was 2 mins longer. *sigh* oh well I have to keep trying. After I did some exercises for my legs followed by stretching.

Oh and weight update I lost another 0.5 lbs πŸ™‚ So that bring the total to 3.5 lbs lost since I started the Fall into Fitness 30 Day Challenge last week.