Injuries and Setbacks

So the past week has been a frustrating one for me. On top of being quite busy I somehow managed to injure my left leg in two areas and I don’t even know how it happened. I have had this constant ache close to my hip.. not sure if its the muscles or my IT band but it really is uncomfortable. The other is my ankle. I was having pain when I walked and moved my foot. So I was feeling around and realized it was also swollen. So yea no running and major weight bearing activities for almost a week now. I have done workout for my upper body and core but tried to minimize things that I thought would aggravate it. So running was definitely out of the question. Today it feels a bit better so I did some squats and lunges on top of my other exercises but no running just yet.

Injuries suck and it is frustrating not being able to do what I want. I just hope this goes away soon and I am able to easily get back into the swing of things.

On another topic I start my new job tomorrow!!! I am super excited 😀

My sis and fiance were both feeling sick so I made this immune boosting juice! Carrot, orange, grapefruit, sweet lemon and ginger!


My weekend has been decent so far. Last night went out for dinner with 10 friends to celebrate our recent engagement. It was a great night surrounded by great friends.

Hope everyone had a lovely weekend so far.


Tabata Workout and Yoga Friday


So I woke up and did the 4 min high intensity tabata workout I posted about before. Its basically 4 mins of jump squats,  jump lunges, pushups and burpees. It really gets yoir heart and breathing going. Then I decided to do a yoga video. I followed a 20 min Weight Loss & Fatburning Yoga Workout (link below). I actually quite liked it. I felt a good core and leg workout from it.

We have been having some serious cold weather here and I hate it! It is -16 out right now but with the win chill feels like -21. Ugh It is almost March and the winter feels like it is going to go on forever! 😦

On a side note I reached 100+ followers this week! Yay! Exciting!! Thank you all for following and commenting and being supportive 🙂

Hope everyone’s Friday is off to a good start and you all have a great weekend!

Wednesday Circuit Training & Random Pics from the Week


So today I decided to do some circuit training that incorporated running. So it was 5 mins warm up on the treadmill then 2 mins fast run and 2-3 mins of a strength training exercise and then back to running. Total workout time was about 45 mins and man was it a good workout!! My heart was pumping and I was so sweaty. I like circuit training because it feels like time goes by quicker and I get a good mix of exercises in. The exercise I did in between the runs today were biceps curls, trice extensions, squats, push ups, and some lower ab exercises. Overall a good workout and a nice start to my day.

Here are some pics I wanted to share from the past week.

My kitty cat watching the treadmill today. She is so curious. Image

Below is the V-day dinner my fiance and I cooked. He made the fish which was baked and covered in nuts and breadcumbs and I made the salad and a homemade honey mustard dressing. The fish look like hearts!Image

This is my sister’s dog and she needs a haircut bad so we tied her hair to get it out of her face haha. She is so cute.


Over the weekend we went out for sushi and once of the dishes we ordered (tuna tatar which came on a bed of rice and avacados) came in a pretty heart! 


Catch up blog post (I know I have been MIA)

Yes yes I know I have been away from my blog for a little bit. After the engagement it has been a bit hectic! But I am enjoying having a fiance!! 😀

So lets catch up! I have been working out (both running and doing strength training). I also have been doing the 4 min tabata workout which is basically a whole bunch of jumping lunges, jump squats, burpees and push ups. It is a great start to my day when I don’t have time for a full workout. I have to admit that I have been doing very short running distances recently. No particular reason .. once it was cause my back was hurting.. another time I didn’t have enough time and just stupid reasons like that. I will have to get back to doing longer runs. Yesterday I did a short 1.5 mile run and worked on my abs and legs.

We had a long weekend here in Canada and I had a super busy weekend. Saturday & Sunday I was doing a weekend workshop/course on intro to massage therapy. I was considering doing this 1 Year accelerated program to become a Registered Massage Therapist. It is usually 2-3 years but since I have my Bachelors in Kinesiology and have a background in anatomy, physiology and etc I can do a shorter program. The workshop was actually really enjoyable and we learned to do a full body relaxation Swedish massage. I also stayed the weekend at my bf’s (oops gotta get use to that!) fiance’s place. Then today I had a 2nd interview for a job I really want and it went really well! So all is good 🙂

In the spring I think I want to do an engagement photo shoot so I want to lose a bit more weight before that. I gotta continue stick to my plan 😀 Hope everyone else had a fantastic week!

Wednesday Workout

So my legs were still pretty sore from Monday’s workout but I knew I had to run today.

So I woke up and dragged myself downstairs to my basement gym. I started on the treadmill with a 5 min warm up but when I stared running I started having pretty bad pain in my lower back. I sometimes have this one spot on my lower back that acts up and it was that same spot. I knew if I continued it would just get worse and then I wouldn’t be able to do anything. So I stopped running after 4 mins and then increased my incline and power walked. I did a total of 25 mins on the treadmill and about 1.75 miles. I found that the less movement the less pain. So I held on to the bars while walking to minimize the motion of my arms swinging back and forth and that helped.

After I did some weights to work on my biceps. My arms getting much stronger and when I flex they feel good! But I still have that jiggly bit on my arm by my triceps and I know the only to get rid of those is to lower my body fat %. So I have already lost about 25 lbs or so since my journey started but I still have another 20 lbs or so I would want to lose especially before the wedding! I need to set up a meal plan for myself and my exercise routine is already pretty set and good. I don’t believe in dieting and restricting yourself cause it just never has worked for me but instead I believe in moderation and making healthy choices. 🙂

Yoga Tuesday


So today I decided to do some yoga after my run and weights yesterday. I followed this youtube video below; its yoga for runners. I actually quite liked it. It is funny cause just the other day I was saying how when i stretch my quads I don’t feel like im getting that good of a stretch because I don’t have that tight feeling but I figured its just cause they aren’t really tight…. well around 20 mins into that video there was a pose to stretch your quads and boy did I feel it!! I am going to incorporate that pose into my stretches after my run now.

Oh and the whole time I was doing the video my cat was also trying to participate by rubbing herself over me. I would be in downward dog and then she would walk under me and her tail would end up in my mouth or all over my face lol. I just didn’t have the heart to kick her out of the room so I let her stay.