Wednesday Circuit Training & Random Pics from the Week


So today I decided to do some circuit training that incorporated running. So it was 5 mins warm up on the treadmill then 2 mins fast run and 2-3 mins of a strength training exercise and then back to running. Total workout time was about 45 mins and man was it a good workout!! My heart was pumping and I was so sweaty. I like circuit training because it feels like time goes by quicker and I get a good mix of exercises in. The exercise I did in between the runs today were biceps curls, trice extensions, squats, push ups, and some lower ab exercises. Overall a good workout and a nice start to my day.

Here are some pics I wanted to share from the past week.

My kitty cat watching the treadmill today. She is so curious. Image

Below is the V-day dinner my fiance and I cooked. He made the fish which was baked and covered in nuts and breadcumbs and I made the salad and a homemade honey mustard dressing. The fish look like hearts!Image

This is my sister’s dog and she needs a haircut bad so we tied her hair to get it out of her face haha. She is so cute.


Over the weekend we went out for sushi and once of the dishes we ordered (tuna tatar which came on a bed of rice and avacados) came in a pretty heart! 



Wednesday Run & Strength training and I got my phone back!



So I finally got my phone back so that meant I could continue with my 10k app! Yay! So week 3 day 1 was 5 min warm up, 90s jog, 90s walk, 3 min jog, 3 min walk repeated twice and then 5 min cool down. So for a total of 28 mins.. I finished with 2.13 miles. I ran at a speed of 6.5 or 9:14/mile pace. I felt good after the run. It wasn’t too hard.

After I continued to do some strength training exercises. I worked on biceps and back. Did curls, bent over rows, back extension and etc. I tend to neglect working out my back (which i really shouldn’t) so I have set a goal that I will workout my back at least once a week. I love doing back extensions and let me tell you how you can still do them without a back extension station. So since I workout at home I don’t have an endless supply of gym equipment but I have enough to make things work. One of my favourite things I have is the exercise ball. I use it for so many things from a bench to do chest press to a chair or to a back extension station. If you are wondering how I use it for the back extension I will explain. So I lay on the ball and put my feet on the wall or against it to steady myself. Just like the pic below:


It honestly is a great workout for your back!

So right now it is snowing A LOT! It has been snowing all night and morning and it is supposed to continue. I will have to take some pics and post them later. Looking out my window right now it is completely white.

So over the weekend my bf and I made these amazing pizzas! We used this special flatbread called P28. They have 28 grams of protein in them. This brand also has bagels, toast and nut butters. They are really good!!!

So we used the flatbread then put some organic tomato sauce, low fat cheese, and loaded it up with tons of spinach, onions, mushrooms, green peppers and some prosciutto. It was sooo good. It is like a thin crust pizza! Image


Monday Run and Juicing


So my phone decided to crap out on me a couple days ago. So right now I am stuck with a basic phone until the company gets back to me on whether they are going to give me a new phone. So that means no apps and no data (ugh). So I had no idea what week 3 of the 10k program I was doing was going to be… so I made it up on what I thought it would be. So I did 2 min jog then 2 min speed walk for 30 mins. I had a harder time running today…I think I was going to have to go to the bathroom and so I was getting some cramps. I also had the feeling in my chest like the air was too cold but i was running on my treadmill … I think it was cause I had the fan on and it was bothering me. Which is odd cause i generally always have the fan on when i am running. Then I started to get all itchy from the sweating I think ahhh it was just and annoying run but I did. I walked at a speed of 4 and jogged at 6.5 (9:14/mile). After that I did some weights for my upper body. I am super excited about the difference I can see in my arms. When I flex I can really feel the difference 🙂

I also decided to pull out this juice that I have had for a while but never used. So I went shopping to make juices. I made a nice blend with apples, oranges, spinach, cucumber, and carrots. If my phone was working I would take a pic of the amazing green colour the juice is. I got one of those glass Voss water bottles to keep the juice in cause it is quite an ordeal to clean the juicer so I made a big bottle and kept it in the fridge. There was so much pulp left from the juice so I decided to use it in a soup. I made butternut squash soup and added the pulp left from the juice and it is delicious!!

Now that I have gotten my started on a good note its time for work!

How to prepare for running in the cold? What to wear to run in colder temperatures??


So since I am almost done my couch 25k program I want to start transition into running outside. My problem is that it is starting to get quite chilly here. We had a bit of snow a few days ago.. nothing that stayed but it is cold. I generally don’t do well in the cold and my major concerns are my ears and my chest.

My ears ache a lot in the cold and I went looking for a decent headband to cover them but wasnt able to find anything. Anyone got any suggestions?

I also have a bit of breathing concerns and chest pains from the cold. From previous experience when doing outdoor activities in the cold I have a bit of a harder time breathing and my chest hurts.

Anyone got any tips for running outside in colder temps?

I am just wondering if trying to run outside now is a good idea. I have been pretty much running on the treadmill and I feel like maybe I should wait until warmer weather but that is not going to be until March/April knowing our seasons here. I want to run my first 5k in late spring/early summer. What do you guys think??

A so so workout acompanied by my cat. Week 7 Workout 1


So as I was setting up my treadmill my cat decided she needed to be pet at that exact moment. So… the pic you see above is what was going on. She is so funny haha. Later after I turned on the treadmill to o my warm up she decided to stare at me. Image

She was just so curious at what was happening. This is the first time she has watched me run.

Anyways my workout today was the same as the last one. Warm up, 25 min jog, cool down. Last time I did the 25 mins with no major problems. Today I struggled a little more. I increased my speed by just a little bit and I think that mixed with the fact that I was not feeling very well the day before lead to a not so great workout. I had to slow down and power walk 2x. Once my hair was driving me nuts and I had to fix it and the 2nd time I was getting cramps. So I jogged for about 22 mins instead of 25 because of those 2 walking intervals. I am a little annoyed but oh well I have more 25 min jogs to tackle and get it right.

I worked out my legs after the jog. Did some weights, squats, etc. I also made sure to do my exercises for my shins. We will see if these end up helping. I will probably get a foam roller this weekend.

First 25 mins jog is complete! Week 6 workout 3.


So today I did the first 25 min jog with 5 min warm up and cool down. I was supposed to do this run on Friday morning but life happened. I had a late night Thursday (at a concert) and I didn’t sleep well and was just tired and was not feeling ready for the run. Saturday I worked all day and so that left today, Sunday. I had a late night last night as well but I just had to get up and run. This was going to be the longest duration (the last long one was 20 mins). I did this run at the same speed as the 20 min jog which was 12 min/mile. I focused on finishing rather than speed. There are a few more 25 min runs so I will focus on slowly getting faster over the next workouts.

I did the 25 mins pretty easily. I covered the time on my treadmill because I knew if I didn’t I would keep looking at it. That was the best decision. I just ran and didn’t think about the time too much. I looked at the time here and there but not nearly as much as I would have previously. I felt really good running. No cramps and I didn’t have much negative thoughts running which is a pretty big deal for me. I had the best distance I have had yet but this workout was a a couple mins longer than the last. I did 2.61 miles in total. I also did weights after and worked out my arms.

Before I did my run I took a new pic of myself to compare to a pic I took a few weeks ago. It is in my bra and undies so I won’t share that haha but it made me feel good to see it cause I could definitely see a difference. The biggest difference being in my mid section.

Last night I went out for a friend’s welcome home get together and I was full with about 1/3 left of my food and I got it to go. Before I would have probably just eaten it but I told myself that I was full and satisfied. I am trying to make decisions like that. I am not depriving my body of anything but I am having things in moderation.

20 min Jog… CHECK!!

So today was the dreaded week 5 workout #3. 5 min warm up, 20 min jog and 5 min cool down. I was worried as the 20 min is quite a jump from 8 mins. I decided I was going to jog slow because I didn’t want to burn out and my goal really was to just jog the 20 mins without walking…. and I did it!!! I jogged the whole time at a speed of 5 which is a 12 min mile… not my fastest pace or best distance but like I said my goal was to jog the 20 min. The small accomplishments definitely help boost my confidence and motivation. I feel great. If I have time this weekend I will redo this workout and try at it with varying speeds to see how it goes. Image