Wednesday Workout and an Update


So I have had an insane week and its just going to get busier. My coworker is away so I am covering for her.. which means long hours ugh. So I have been super tired from working 10 hours plus transit time so that is about a 12+ hour days. Today I get a shorter day but tomorrow is another full day again. So I worked out today. I have to admit that I neglected my Monday workout because of the long shift.

I did 30 mins of circuit training with the usual 2 min running and 2 min of some other type of exercise. Then I finished off with just some more weight exercise for another 20 mins or so. I focused on abs and arms in this workout. I felt good and I felt like I sweat a lot like I always do when doing this type of circuit.

Oh and some good news!! I got an awesome new full time job 🙂 I have been looking for a while as you may know and have turned down about 3 other positions because I was waiting for the right one and I think this is it! I start on March 10th so I am super happy about that.

I also wanted to start trying on wedding dresses. A little early haha cause we haven’t even set a date yet and realistically its not going to be for another 1.5-2 years but I saw this dress I am absolutely in love with and really wanted to try it. I was worried they weren’t going to have it by the time it got closer to my date. Well I decided to call and see if they have it in store and to make an appointment. Well….. They didnt have it!! I called several other locations even in Buffalo and no where has this dress. Basically I would have to order it online if I wanted it 😦 I am really really upset about it. I mean yea I have never tried on dresses before but I have been looking at a lot of dresses and this is the only one that I was like wow I really like and couldn’t get it out of my mind. So now I don’t know what to do. 😦


The story behind the PROPOSAL & Monday’s workout.



So let met just get the workout update out of the way and get to the good stuff 😛 I did a very short run today as my shins were really hurting and I was having the good old cramps. So just a quick half a mile and about an hour of strength training. I worked on legs (squats, lunges, side leg raises, calf raises etc) and back (back extension, bent over rows and etc). Felt good! Oh and as for the first pic I didnt actually wear my ring when lifting weights I just wanted to take that pic 😛 hehe

Ok now to the good stuff! So Saturday I was working until 3 and my sis was supposed to pick me up as she had told me that some of our friends were coming over. So I leave my work and I am looking for my sister’s cat but instead I see what I am pretty sure is my bf’s car… so I walk closer and I see that it is him! Then I see he has roses on the seat for me. I get in the car and I am like what are you doing here!?? He tells me that it was all a set up and that he has a fun day planned for us. He tells me we are celebrating valentine’s day early 🙂 He says we are on a tight time schedule but I insist I must go home and change! haha so we get home and he gives me 3 mins to change which I do very quickly. Then we drive to the subway station and leave the car there. I don’t know where we are going I just know it involves food as both of us are starving! So we head downtown and he takes me to this little restaurant that has tamales!! So a few years ago we went to California and we had tamales there and loved them but we couldn’t find anywhere here that had them and I have been craving them since. So we had an awesome dinner and he said out next stop was dessert somewhere else. So we hop back on to the subway and head further downtown. We get off the subway at one of the busiest stations and he is looking around all confused on where he has to go… so I am like tell me where the place is and I can lead us there cause I know this area well and hes like no no I got it. So we continue looking around (while I am getting annoyed cause he won’t just tell me lol). Then he takes off his jacket… then his hoodie and he is wearing my hockey jersey underneath is and says “I think this is yours and you should be waring this!” Then I realize he is taking me to the hockey game!!! So his fave team is out home team but mine is a diff team and that night they were playing each other 🙂 So we go to the arena and he got us amazing seats!! So our hockey tickets are super expensive… actually they are the most expensive team to watch in the NHL (stupid!). So I know he spent a lot on these tickets. So we watch the game and then after he is like ok lets go for dessert! So we hop back on the subway and head towards a dessert place. It was about a 5 min walk from the station to the dessert place. So we are walking and then all of a sudden he stops and pulls me to him. He starts telling me how much he loves and stuff and then I stop listening as I see him reach into his pocket and pull out a box … then he gets down on one knee and asks the big question. I just nod several times as I can’t speak! I still had my gloves on so he’s like “take your glove off!!!” lol so I do and he puts the ring on and then we just hugged and cried and laughed 🙂 Then he’s like ok lets go celebrate! And so we went and had yummy dessert 🙂

While eating dessert he tells me how my whole family knew and he already talked to my dad in the summer and asked his permission and hes been planning this for 6 months. He originally wanted to propose during the game on the big screen but when he contacted them they told him they don’t do proposals at games. So he said he just decided to propose at the game anyway but while we were there they had the kiss cam on and some guy proposed to his gf and like it was planned cause they had their names on the screen and everything and so he was furious and decided not to do it at the game because he felt like it would be overshadowed by the other proposal. He was pretty pissed about that whole thing but I assured him it didn’t matter where he did and I was still super happy 🙂

7 Year later I am so excited to call him my fiance!!! 😀