Tabata Workout and Yoga Friday


So I woke up and did the 4 min high intensity tabata workout I posted about before. Its basically 4 mins of jump squats,Β  jump lunges, pushups and burpees. It really gets yoir heart and breathing going. Then I decided to do a yoga video. I followed a 20 min Weight Loss & Fatburning Yoga Workout (link below). I actually quite liked it. I felt a good core and leg workout from it.

We have been having some serious cold weather here and I hate it! It is -16 out right now but with the win chill feels like -21. Ugh It is almost March and the winter feels like it is going to go on forever! 😦

On a side note I reached 100+ followers this week! Yay! Exciting!! Thank you all for following and commenting and being supportive πŸ™‚

Hope everyone’s Friday is off to a good start and you all have a great weekend!


Oh why have I been away? Cause we had an ice storm and the city has no power.

So….. Saturday night we had a freezing rain storm that continued into Sunday. Our power went out Saturday night and still has yet to be restored. The city I live in (Toronto) is a big city and some people have regained power while some never lost power but hundreds of thousands did lose power. My home still has no power so I am staying at my bf’s place. I had to pack up the pets and bring them here too. This has been a crazy holidays when so much of the city is basically not functioning from lights to gas stations to grocery stores (oh and not to mention all the fallen streets and wires all over the place). As horrible as the power outage is …. the freezing rain left a beautiful sight so I took some pics to share.







Cold Hard Run & Memories of Argentina


So today I decided I would run outside as you can see all the snow and ice has melted from the sidewalks. I was hoping for a bit of a warmer day but although there was no ice and snow it was definitely cold! So since my thermal gear hadn’t arrived yet I decided to wear tights under my pants to add an extra layer. On top I had a tshirt, sweater, headband and gloves.

I have to say running in the cold is sooo hard for me. It was about -1 C out (about 30 F). As I was running I just felt like I could not get enough air. On my previous runs outside I was able to get farther without walking but on this run I felt like I constantly had to walk between my runs. I felt like my endurance was so much less. The feeling of not getting enough air reminded me of being at high altitude. A year and a half ago I visited Argentina on a volunteering trip and went to the Aconcagua National Park. The Aconcagua mountain is one of the highest peaks. We obviously didn’t go up the mountain but even just being in the national park I could feel the altitude. Hiking was so hard at first as I felt like no matter how deep of a breath I took I wasn’t getting enough air.

Anyways in the end I did about 2 miles at an average pace of 12:30/mile which is alright considering how much I actually walked. For those of you who run outside in cold I look up to you… this is really hard!

I thought I would share some lovely pics from the Aconcagua National park since I just ranted about it πŸ™‚


So this is the first pic you can actually see me! haha I am on the left. Image

Winter is fully here and I am frustrated!


So I have yet to go running outside since the snow. I am feeling really bad about it 😦

I am running on my treadmill but since I started running outside I am not liking the treadmill anymore and I want to run outside but the honest truth is I am kind of scared too. I took the pic above of the sidewalk on my street and its all covered in ice and snow. Before I was worried about the cold but now I am worried about slipping.

Last year I fell and injured my tailbone really badly while rollerblading and my tail bone hasn’t been the same since. Sitting for long periods of time is uncomfortable. I had to sit on one of those donut cushions for months after my injury. I am just really worried that I can injure it again.

I was determined to keep running outside and I even ordered some thermal gear online but I just don’t know what to do. I was looking into those plastic things you can put on the bottom of your shoe to help you with traction in these weather conditions but I don’t know how good they are.

I have just been running on the treadmill this week and haven’t done any weights as my forearms were really painful and so I decided to give them a rest. They still have knots in them but at least now they aren’t throbbing anymore so tomorrow I will run then do some weights. I want to get in as many hours of exercise I can before the Fall Into Fitness 30 Day Challenge is up!

I have had a pretty decent week so far. Yesterday my friendsΒ  and I went to go watch Aladdin the musical and it was awesome πŸ™‚ They had bought me the tickets way back in June for my bday. I really enjoyed the show. Tomorrow I am going to try to steer clear of malls as it is Black Friday and people go nuts!

If anyone is going shopping good luck!! And Happy Thanksgiving to the Americans πŸ™‚

Week Wrap Up

So…. I had the longest week! Worked 5 days and volunteered 2 days… so no days off this week and I get to start Monday with no real rest. Time to move on to some lighter topics (moving away from the heavy stuff I had posted in the last 2 blogs).

The temps drastically dropped this week (specifically today). It went from being around 0-3 degrees C to -12 C (about 10 F) feels like -20 (-4 F) this morning. It was soooooo cold. And we had snow. So… yea running outside did not happen. I stuck to working out inside and running on the treadmill. I must say I was enjoying running outside much more than I was expecting too. I am really upset that the weather took such a drastic dip. I took some pics to share. We didn’t have a ton of snow but the weather was definitely freezing.




Some food items to share. I made spaghetti with spaghetti squash finally. And I must say it was really good and really filling. I think spaghetti squash might be my new fave thing.


And we had a girls night on Saturday and made bread pudding!! Yum. My treat of the week.


Anyways food aside. I have been having some major aches in my forearms… Specifically on my left side. I can definitely feel that there is a major knot in one of my muscles. It is soo uncomfortable. It is a constant ache and throbbing pain. I am not sure if it is from the weight training or what… I have never had this issue before. I might need to go for a massage to release the tension.

So The Fall Into Fitness 30 Day Challenge is almost up (about a week left) and I cannot believe how quickly time has gone by. I am quite happy with what I have accomplished the past month and previous months too. This challenge has also given me the opportunity to connect with some lovely bloggers so I am happy for that πŸ™‚

Now it is time for some much needed sleep as I woke up at 5:30 AM this morning. Tomorrow will be a run day πŸ™‚

How to prepare for running in the cold? What to wear to run in colder temperatures??


So since I am almost done my couch 25k program I want to start transition into running outside. My problem is that it is starting to get quite chilly here. We had a bit of snow a few days ago.. nothing that stayed but it is cold. I generally don’t do well in the cold and my major concerns are my ears and my chest.

My ears ache a lot in the cold and I went looking for a decent headband to cover them but wasnt able to find anything. Anyone got any suggestions?

I also have a bit of breathing concerns and chest pains from the cold. From previous experience when doing outdoor activities in the cold I have a bit of a harder time breathing and my chest hurts.

Anyone got any tips for running outside in colder temps?

I am just wondering if trying to run outside now is a good idea. I have been pretty much running on the treadmill and I feel like maybe I should wait until warmer weather but that is not going to be until March/April knowing our seasons here. I want to run my first 5k in late spring/early summer. What do you guys think??