Monday Run- Week 2 Day 1


Today ^


Sept 2013 and Summer of 2012 ^

So today was day 1 of week #2 in the 10k app from Zen Labs I am following. I woke up and immediately could feel the soreness in my legs and arms from my workout yesterday. I stretched a good deal before and after my run. I know I am going to be quite sore are the day goes on… I kind of like the soreness because it is a reminder of the hard work I put in. The run was the usual 5 min warm up and cool down with intervals of 90 sec jogging and 2 min walking for a total of 31 mins. I finished with a distance of 2.37 miles. I felt good during the run except for one point where my hair was bothering me and I had to stop and fix it. I also wore my new workout shirt I got for the run today. I posted it next the progress pics I uploaded from Sept. There isn’t much weight difference between the pic from today and from september but I think I have increased my muscle and toned up a bit more. I feel good and energetic. I do have to go to work soon and it is mighty cold outside right now (-11 but feels like -20!). I need to get ready and bundled up!

Happy Monday everyone!



Wednesday Workout – Start of a new Program and a recap of this week.


So I had a hectic few days. This was my first workout this week and I started a 10k app from Zen Labs. I know I haven’t reached my goal of run 5k non stop yet but I was having a hard time sticking to the treadmill once I finished the Couch to 5k program. So I started this 10k trainer program/app. It is a 14 week program, 3x a week. Similar to the C25k but a bit longer obviously. I did really well with the C25k so I am excited to give this a try. I am also doing their other apps which I previously mentioned. Today I did the Butts Trainer and Abs Trainer after my run.

My run was pretty easy today. The program consisted of 5 min warm up and 5 min cool down with alternating 1 min jog and 1.5 min walk for a total of 30 mins. I finished at 2.25 miles in the end. Easy run for me. Next time I will push harder during the jog periods so I can increase the distance since 1 min is such a short interval to run (I was jogging at a speed of 6.5 or a 9 min/mile pace).

The butts trainer and abs trainer are good! I really like them. Here are a lust of some of the exercises they have (there is more than what you see here)

Image Image

The reason I had such a hectic few days was on Monday morning I noticed my cat was acting weird. She was growling non stop and hissing. I thought she must have just been cranky and in a mood. But then I noticed puddles of blood on the floor. I freaked out. I didn’t have a car to take her to the vet so I called my friend and she was nice enough to give me a ride. Oh and this is at 12 noon and I was supposed to be at work at 2 and I had to go in as no one could cover for me. My vet was away and so I had to take her to a diff vet. In the end turns out she has struvite crystals in her bladder. They took an xray and showed it to me and the crystal looks pretty big (or they said it might be a cluster of smaller ones). She isn’t likely to pass it on her own due to the size so there are 2 options. 1 is to feed her a special diet that might help to dissolve them so she can eventually pass them (this could take months). Option to is to surgically remove them. Right now she is on antibiotics (which she hates taking and I can’t even hide it in a treat cause she isn’t allowed to eat anything other than the special food). My vet comes back in a couple weeks and I am taking her back to see her. I talked to the vet tech at my vet and she said usually they go with option 1 and after 2 months of the cats eating the food they re-evaluate to see if the crystals are still there. I have just been so stressed with the whole thing. After losing my previous cat in the fire I get so worried about anything when it comes to my pets. I just can’t bear the thought of something happening to them. It is just too hard. Right now she seems to be doing ok… she still has some blood in her urine but they said that is normal. I hope she won’t need surgery.


Friday Workout – Push ups and upper body


So yesterday I focused on upper body exercises. I tried the PushUps Trainer app from Zen Labs. Well let me start by saying how much I suck at push ups. My upper body was never good at supporting the rest of my body. As a kid I could never do monkey bars or pulls ups/chin ups… and well I still can’t do them 😛 But I do want to get better at them! So I tried the easy level workout on the app. It was 7 different exercises I think. Knee pushups, regular pushups, and elevated pushups. There are a ton more that you’ll do in the harder levels such as diamond pushups, elevated feet pushups, clapping pushups, spider pushups and etc. 

Knee pushups are ok for me but regular ones I am so bad at. I can barely lower myself. But I will just do my best and I will get better at them. By the end of the workout with the app I had done a total of 84 reps I believe. Then I did biceps, triceps, chest and traps. I am definitely feeling the soreness kicking in this morning. I think it will be full force in a couple hours where it will hurt to hold my arms up haha.


Yesterday I tried something new. I cooked with butternut squash. I have only used it for soup before but I used it with chicken yesterday and it was good! I peeled and diced it up along with the chicken and cooked it in a pan with tomatoes, dill and some chicken broth and had it over brown rice. It was tasty!Image

Wednesday Workout – Short Jog, Legs & Abs


So after being out of my usual workout schedule from the holidays, 6 day power outage and being sick I am trying to get back into a routine.

So today I did a short run on the treadmill. I did about 2 miles by the end of it. I feel kind of crappy about my running recently because I feel like I finished the couch25k program but still havent been able to do the whole 3.1 miles non stop. Also the treadmill isn’t as appealing anymore after I started running outside but in this crazy winter weather we are having running outside just isn’t an option. I feel like I won’t really get that distance until I am able to run outside again. On a side note I preregistered for the Run or Dye 5k. The date hasn’t been set yet but I preregistered to get all the info when they figure it out. It looks like it will be in the summer. I think this will be a good intro 5k for me as its more about the fun aspect of it than the time. I think it will help me get over the self conscious aspect of running with others.

After my run I followed these new apps I downloaded. I did the Ab Trainer and Leg Trainer. They are from Zen Labs and I downloaded them for free. They also have other ones too like butt trainer, pushup trainer, and a 5k and 10k. I like the apps. You can choose Easy, Medium, or Hard and you can choose how long you want your workout to be (5, 7.5, or 10 mins). Then it gives you instructions on how to do each exercise and you have a certain amount of time to do as many reps as you can and at the end it asks you to enter how many reps you did then you get a minute to rest then on to the next exercise. This is what the app kind of looks like and what the thumbnail of the app looks like if you are looking to download it. ImageImage

The app is a great way to change things up a bit and learn some new exercises.

Do you guys use apps to workout with? What apps do you find the most effective?